Nursed back to health in patients with esophageal cancer

By | May 6, 2012

Esophageal cancer patients nursed back to health, both esophageal cancer early, comprehensive treatment by surgery and a series of radical measures have been reached; or one that was already late, the interval is not a cure; are nursed back to health there is a problem. As the saying goes "one-third rule seven support" is the truth.
Perhaps you will say: I have been radical, the disease is cured, but also nursed back to it? From the expert point of view, you have this idea obviously made a big mistake. On the other hand, if the advanced esophageal cancer patients feel that they did not save anyway, but nursed back to health by talking about it? Who hold this view indeed, but also a lot, but they are indeed wrong.
Nursed back to health purpose is to improve the quality of life, good or bad the quality of life is always the same two core problems: emotional and physical. The most important quality of life
1. To improve the quality of life is the consensus of cancer specialists
We know that the current level of medicine is limited, early cancer may also be cured, once in the late stage, the cure rate is very low. Even a small number of advanced cancer may also be cured, but the esophagus was not among them. Of advanced cancer is not curable, and now there is a consensus of the medical profession all over the world one by one the most important quality of life!
Esophageal cancer patients nursed back to health 2. What is the quality of life
Quality of life speak the vernacular is the "quality of life", English is the quality of life, referred to as QOL. In fact, the QOL assessment studies and related patents are not cancer specialists, experts in many other disease areas should also study this problem, there are several dedicated to assess the quality of life QOL scale in the world to use the.
3. Good or bad depends on what quality of life
Evaluation of quality of life in many aspects of content, related to: loss of appetite and feeding conditions, mental state, good or bad sleep, fatigue strength of powerlessness, the degree of severity of pain, family members understanding and cooperation within and colleagues ( including the boss or leader) of the understanding and cooperation, the patient's own awareness of cancer treatment, the patient himself the attitude of various treatments, daily self-sustaining capability.
The following talk from different perspectives to these issues.
(1) good or bad appetite, decreased appetite, food intake is a priority to reduce future generations of physical decline, low immunity have changed, it will lead to reduced overall disease resistance. Patients with early radical small amount of residual cancer cells in vivo will send the development of the opportunity to increase the likelihood of recurrence and metastasis. The patient with advanced incurable disorder of the environment will add to the body, cancer cells would be crazy to take this opportunity to attack, leading to extreme weight loss, cachexia, systemic failure, etc., is not only a serious decline in quality of life, but also with the consequent loss of the active chemotherapy base attack against cancer cells.
Whether patients suffering from cancer which, for various reasons the number is almost certain loss of appetite are the problems specific to esophageal cancer on the more prominent. Appetite here that do not want to eat include subjective and objective can not eat two different faces of cancer involves not the same, but why both of which are accounting for the esophageal cancer. Therefore, patients with esophageal cancer, the appetite of the questions to as a top priority.
(2) emotional health to disease doctors say a strong mental, psychological or something, people saying that in fact the mood. Goes speakers: one promises a good harvest. Most of cancer obviously be a bad thing, and that spirit that is absolutely not in the cool. But wait a minute, just after that that she has cancer, depression or irritability and upset is normal psychological reactions, but if slow, but since then no longer awkward, then go bad. Long immersed in the negative mood of anti-cancer cause very harmful, not to mention the surgery can be expected to cure early, without indulging too much grief, even the experts have been at an advanced stage there are still many approaches. Negative emotions can seriously affect the appetite and sleep, leading to a decline in the quality of life and the lack of disease resistance. Therefore, whether doctors or family members should try to enlighten, help, support for patients, and patients themselves have the courage to face all this, it is like to fight cancer when the horn blew and encouraging Endeavour flying the flag.
(3) Earned sleepy feeling refreshed and full to the "sleep well that ends well", many patients say so. Indeed, poor sleep, often their energy, spirit and appetite are affected. In turn, as I said before, emotional stress, anxiety, depression and other adverse conditions will also affect sleep. This is why doctors try to give you the side of anti-cancer treatment, while hard to improve your sleep, even at the use of sedative hypnotics reasons.
Nursed back to health in patients with esophageal cancer (4) a bastion of strength are kept on fighting anyone know, do not have good physical strength for protection, surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are all empty talk. Too weak to no physical security, operations under a doctor's decision not dare to develop radiotherapy and chemotherapy programs also tend to be conservative, could lead to "ill treatment light" results. Can say that if the cancer compared to a war of words, the patient's physical strength is absolutely adhere to the operational base and a strong fortress.

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