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Unconventional cancer treatments

Man is the soul, as gastric cancer patients and other patients, treatment can help with the natural meaning of things, such as sunlight, spring water, forests, mountains, flowers, soil, caves, etc. for medical treatment and convalescence and rehabilitation in order to achieve the promotion of health The purpose of physical and mental health.Unconventional cancer therapy… Read More »

Esophageal Cancer Overview

Overview of esophageal cancer, esophageal cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors, according to China's national mid-70s retrospective survey of cancer death in men in cancer mortality, esophageal cancer ranks No. 2 (accounting for 24.55%), only secondary to gastric cancer; in the ranks No. 3 among women (accounting for 18.15%), second only to… Read More »

Esophageal cancer screening

Esophageal cancer survey, carried out in areas of high incidence of esophageal cancer esophageal cancer census is very important to achieve early detection through screening, early diagnosis and early treatment, so that it may reduce the mortality rate of esophageal cancer. Pop cytology is an effective method of detecting early esophageal cancer, so the general… Read More »

Esophageal X-ray examination after treatment

Esophageal cancer after treatment of X-ray examination, (a) esophageal X-ray examination after surgery Immediately after surgery and several days of X-ray examination, the main purpose is to understand whether the thoracic and abdominal surgery complications such as pulmonary infection, atelectasis, pleural pneumothorax and other product gas and liquid. Early anastomotic leak is suspected, it would… Read More »

Other benign lesions of the esophagus

Other benign lesions of the esophagus, 1. Esophageal stenosis is usually caused by the swallowed acid or alkali. X-ray diagnosis must be combined with history. Severe esophageal lesions lead when partial or complete obstruction, x ray findings and esophageal difficult to identify. Disease is light, x ray findings of esophageal spasm, mucosal thickening or distortion.… Read More »

Benign esophageal

Rare benign tumor of the esophagus, of which about 70% are smooth muscle tumors, followed by cysts, polyps, papilloma, hemangioma, fibroma, lipoma, adenoma, etc. These are quite rare. Esophageal leiomyoma arising in the esophagus of esophageal leiomyoma in the myometrium, showing expansive growth, more than a full capsule, may apply to the cavity or tube… Read More »

Other malignant esophageal

Other esophageal cancer 1. esophageal sarcoma is rare. Occur in the lower part more. Pedunculated polypoid tumor often has broke into the esophageal lumen, nodular. Uneven surface of the tumor, mucosal erosion area can be a little shallow. Gray cut surface of tumor or fish-like, clear boundaries with the surrounding tissue. Microscopic tumor tissue sarcoma… Read More »

What is esophageal cancer

What is esophageal cancer, esophageal cancer (Carcinomaofesophaus) is one of common malignant tumors in humans. The World Health Organization statistics show that more than 20 million people worldwide each year die from esophageal cancer, with 310,400 new cases, while China occupies 16.72 million. China is a country prone to esophageal cancer, but also the countries… Read More »

Symptoms of esophageal cancer

Symptoms of esophageal cancer, (1) the early symptoms of esophageal cancer sometimes expressed very small, usually after the early stage of the sternum when eating area (or pit of the stomach Department) has discomfort or swelling nausea needle-like, burning pain. Swallowing a foreign body through the flu, the symptoms are persistent. Can also have food… Read More »

Inspection of esophageal cancer

Esophageal cancer check (1) cytology Method can be derived netting, set about to dual-chamber cylindrical pipe network; be cylindrical double-lumen tube nets into the lesion below the balloon, then inflate, slowly pull out the bag, so that friction with the disease, and finally rubbing the balloon to take specimens were smear staining. This method is… Read More »