Other malignant esophageal

By | May 6, 2012

Other esophageal cancer 1. esophageal sarcoma is rare. Occur in the lower part more. Pedunculated polypoid tumor often has broke into the esophageal lumen, nodular. Uneven surface of the tumor, mucosal erosion area can be a little shallow. Gray cut surface of tumor or fish-like, clear boundaries with the surrounding tissue. Microscopic tumor tissue sarcoma often the main ingredient, found in some of the major cancer pedicle base. Sarcoma, fibrosarcoma often, followed by rhabdomyosarcoma.
X ray showed a large esophageal polypoid intraluminal filling defect fusiform expansion of the lumen, and enable widened mediastinal shadow. Barium curved upper bound of the tumor edge, barium and esophageal intramural shed from the tumor, the lesion distribution in thin and uneven. Tangential position in the pedicle of the tumor, the mucosal damage and esophageal wall showed irregular filling defect, obstruction is not obvious.
2. Esophageal leiomyosarcoma is rare. See, there are two general forms, an infestation of meat type, the other is infiltrating. Polyps in the esophageal lumen seen in the nodular or polypoid tumor, tumor perimeter clear, uplift, valgus, central ulcers, ulcers uneven; tumor also to the cavity prominent.
Polyps X-ray findings dilated esophageal lumen; cavity has a huge lump, was most sizes polypoid filling defects, mucosal damage in Kanying; barium flow impeded, the lumen pressure shift. Lumen shadow outside the common soft tissue mass, much like the tumor, but the esophagus can be seen when imaging tumor cavity is connected with the mass and clear diagnosis. X-ray findings of invasive and esophageal cancer similar.
Other malignant esophageal 3. Esophageal melanoma is extremely rare primary esophageal melanoma. Medical Oncology Hospital since 1958, confirmed by surgery and pathology were only 2 cases. Pathology generally seen as a pedunculated polypoid, nodular or lobulated mass, suddenly the esophageal lumen. Tumor surface without ulcers. Can be invaded and mucosa, submucosa and muscular layer.
X-ray cavity of patients with esophageal meat-like, nodular or lobulated filling defect. Expansion of the lesion lumen may have a similar type of esophageal cavity. Lesions can be multiple, multiple nodular filling defects were. Still visible near the mucosa, obstruction is not obvious, like smooth muscle fibroids.

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