Other benign lesions of the esophagus

By | May 7, 2012

Other benign lesions of the esophagus, 1. Esophageal stenosis is usually caused by the swallowed acid or alkali. X-ray diagnosis must be combined with history. Severe esophageal lesions lead when partial or complete obstruction, x ray findings and esophageal difficult to identify. Disease is light, x ray findings of esophageal spasm, mucosal thickening or distortion. Late luminal narrowing, jagged edges, the normal mucosa disappeared. Wall hardening due to scar tissue formation, with normal esophageal stricture segment was gradually transitional transition; the cancer and normal esophageal stricture segment boundaries significantly, and there is not Rules filling defect.
2. Peptic esophagitis and esophageal ulcers as an early manifestation of spastic contraction of lower esophageal mucosal thickening. Pathological hyperemia, edema. When the erosion and small ulcers, esophagus and small Kanying not display the whole. Stenosis after lesions progress, the wall smooth or jagged edges. However, when the chamber by a large number of barium can still expand, and continue to narrow esophageal lumen different. Normal section and no significant lesion segment boundaries. In addition, often accompanied by pain and esophageal hiatus gastric reflux phenomenon.
3. Esophageal varices prevalent in the lower esophagus, the lesions may spread widely thoracic esophagus. X ray showed mucosal thickening, tortuous, beaded filling defect in the esophagus of different edge bump. Serious vein under fluoroscopy see curve No. esophageal peristalsis, barium passed slowly. Lumen expansion, but the wall is still soft, flexible, there is no local stenosis or obstruction, these symptoms ivory cancer identification.
4. esophageal tuberculosis fresh tube TB is rare, so the equivalent of tracheal bifurcation in the middle. There are three tables esophageal contrast filling defect cavity and ulceration of the esophagus. Lesion segment stenosis, the wall a little stiff, Kanying large and obvious, Kan Ying Wai whole side, around the filling defect was not obvious. esophageal filling defect in a wall, like a wall in the disease, esophageal tuberculosis of mediastinal lymph node solid mass with compression of esophageal lumen formation and invasion, and esophagus. esophageal fistula formation, manifested as a small food promotion, highlighting the barium shadow, like a small Kanying, no filling defect around for mediastinal lymph node tuberculosis with a food to be.
Other benign lesions of the esophagus, esophageal tuberculosis ulcer generally more pronounced, and around the filling defect, mucosal damage and changes in luminal stenosis was not duct carcinoma. X-ray identification of difficult cases to rely on esophagoscopy to help confirm the diagnosis.

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