Unconventional cancer treatments

By | May 7, 2012

Man is the soul, as gastric cancer patients and other patients, treatment can help with the natural meaning of things, such as sunlight, spring water, forests, mountains, flowers, soil, caves, etc. for medical treatment and convalescence and rehabilitation in order to achieve the promotion of health The purpose of physical and mental health.
Unconventional cancer therapy (a) the silent treatment of gastric cancer
Chinese solar energy has always attached importance to the special role of the human body. Vision therapy is its effectiveness to make up the human body naturally yang yang. Gastric cancer patients, especially in patients with advanced, due to a variety of human cancer cells absorb a lot of nutrition, particularly the use of large doses of radiation and chemotherapy, the good and evil and the two bad, yin and yang, qi and blood deficiency, are often cold, spontaneous sweating, fatigue , the performance of lazy words such as yang deficiency, when the sun treatment, mining Sunshine fine, strong self-yang deficiency, cancer patient care is an important measure of recovery. The specific methods can be divided into backlight bath, bath and body surface light the sun, when combined with selection of the specific circumstances of the patient.
Unconventional cancer therapy (b) spring water treatment of gastric cancer
Gastric cancer patients, especially early after the patient or the patient standing spa bath, the temperature of the spring water, water pressure, buoyancy and other natural physical factors that may promote the body to stimulate the body yang, warm flow of qi and blood flow, promote metabolism, refreshing smooth Chi, improve the general state, increase endurance, for the prevention of cancer recurrence and prolong survival has not be underestimated.
Unconventional cancer therapy (c) forest therapy
More in the mountains surrounded by forest, the environment elegant, beautiful, people in this environment, the natural open-minded, emotional ease, is the rehabilitation of patients with malignant ideal place to recuperate. Many patients with advanced cancer often lose their life, courage and confidence, if we can make them all into the lush, fresh air, forests, and perhaps the long-depressed bulk of the gas can be swept away, feeling excited, and even forgotten the pain of illness, there is conducive to the overall physical and psychological recovery.
There are also air therapy, fragrant flower therapy, therapy mountains, caves therapy, mud therapy and other methods. Extensive treatment of these long-term care and experience comes from, is the precious legacy of Chinese medicine. As long as we choose to fully utilize them reasonably, will achieve tangible results.

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