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Early esophageal cancer treatment

Early esophageal cancer drugs, the so-called early esophageal cancer is a tumor invasion and mucosal or teach only film to teach film layer or the lower the inherent, and lymph node and distant organ metastasis-free tumors, including 0 and I of esophageal cancer. Should be the preferred surgical treatment of early esophageal cancer. Surgery alone… Read More »

Mid-esophageal cancer treatment

Mid-esophageal cancer drug, mid esophageal cancer refers to tumor invasion and teach film lamina propria or lower, and the regional lymph node metastasis; or around the tumor invades adjacent organs or muscle, regardless of regional lymph node metastasis. The organs of the patients had no distant metastasis, including the E and E of esophageal cancer.… Read More »

Herbal Treatment of esophageal cancer before and after surgery

Herbal Treatment of esophageal cancer before and after surgery, 1. Esophageal designed side before surgery Spleen and kidney side: [Composition and Usage] Codonopsis l5g, acetabular surgery l2g, night Ling l2g, licorice 3g, f parameter l5g, Radix 109, Polygonatum l2g, Ligustrum lucidum l2g, Astragalus l5g, mortar tongue grass 24g, honeysuckle 109 acetabular hair vine 24g. Water… Read More »

Esophageal cancer and the use of commonly used drugs

Use of commonly used drugs and esophageal cancer, 1. Esophageal level [Prescription composition] American ginseng, Panax, White Rockies, borneol, pearl and other materials in the hook component. [Indications] Jiangni only at district, Ditan detoxification, breaking Ruanjian marks, corrosion saprophytic new prolyl consumer product, the line width in the air. Indications esophageal obstruction esophageal stenosis, esophagitis,… Read More »

Common pancreatic cancer medicine

Chinese medicine commonly used pancreatic cancer, 1. Zhongjiefeng Injection [Prescription composition] Zhongjiefeng feng shui extract. [Indications] Qingrejiedu, and reducing swelling. Adapted to pancreatic cancer. [Usage of the most] intramuscular injection: 4, 1, 2; intravenous infusion: 10 — 16, 1, 1. 2. West Pill [Prescription composition] MG Hong, the bezoar, the system frankincense, myrrh system. [Indications]… Read More »

Drug treatment of pancreatic cancer

Drug treatment of pancreatic cancer, studies show that about 70% of pancreatic cancer in the head of the pancreas, pancreatic body and tail of pancreas cancer is relatively rare. No distant metastasis, primary tumor and lymph nodes did not infringe the importance of intra-abdominal blood vessels, such as portal vein, vena cava, abdominal aorta, pancreas… Read More »

Side effects of cancer chemotherapy drugs

Cancer chemotherapy side effects, the current clinical use of anti-tumor chemotherapy drugs have different levels of side effects, some serious side effects is to limit the drug dosage or use the direct cause. They kill the tumor cells while also killing normal tissue cells, especially in the growth and development of strong anti-human blood, lymphoid… Read More »

Chinese and Western medical treatment of pancreatic cancer

Chinese and Western medical treatment of pancreatic cancer, pancreatic cancer (pancreatic carcinoma) mainly refers to the membrane of exocrine pancreatic cancer, is a difficult cancer to cure digestive system. About 1% of pancreatic cancer, more common in 40-60 years old, 4 times more male than female, pancreatic cancer occurred in the pancreatic head, only a… Read More »

Drug treatment of cholangiocarcinoma

Bile duct cancer drug treatment, bile duct cancer is occurring in extrahepatic bile duct (including about hepatic duct, hepatic duct, common bile duct) cancer. Excluding intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma, bile duct cell carcinoma of the liver, gallbladder, lack of special ampullary cancer. Cholangiocarcinoma by parts is divided into: the upper bile duct, which occurs in about hepatic… Read More »

Drug treatment of cholangiocarcinoma

Drug treatment of cholangiocarcinoma, bile duct cancer drug treatment: ZXC anticancer drugs commonly used pills Ankang Xin Ping capsule, capsules, etc. Shendan Sanjie; not transfer the preferred combination of digestive system cancer: Cancer ZXC + pill + reference level Qi Shiyiwei particles. 1. Through the broad-spectrum anti-cancer drugs can not only strengthen the treatment of… Read More »