Chinese and Western medical treatment of pancreatic cancer

By | April 28, 2012

Chinese and Western medical treatment of pancreatic cancer, pancreatic cancer (pancreatic carcinoma) mainly refers to the membrane of exocrine pancreatic cancer, is a difficult cancer to cure digestive system. About 1% of pancreatic cancer, more common in 40-60 years old, 4 times more male than female, pancreatic cancer occurred in the pancreatic head, only a few occurred in the pancreatic body and tail of the pancreas. Most pancreatic cancer from the glandular epithelium. Duct epithelial hyperplasia and squamous metaplasia may be precancerous lesions. May be malignant benign cystadenoma. In recent years, the incidence of pancreatic cancer all over the world have significantly increased trend in the United States, about 25,000 people die each year of pancreatic cancer, cancer mortality in the United States was listed as No. 4. Early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is difficult, treatment is not satisfactory, a high mortality rate, national statistical year of 2% -10% survival rate.
Pancreatic cancer in the Western medical treatment 1. chemotherapy
(1) cytotoxic drug treatment: the present is still not satisfied, for lesions not suitable for surgery can be applied to chemical drugs, or 5 fluorine sub-stuffed plastic gland slightly hospital. Usage and the same dose and gastric cancer. Carmustine (BCNU) or cyclohexyl nitrite gland (CCNU) have effect.
(2) patients young and good physique, you can try "FAM" or "FM" chemotherapy, and combined external radiotherapy.
(3) the effective rate of 25% -30%, the median response of 6-8 months. Treatment of pancreatic cancer, chemotherapy treatments and radiation therapy has Shangmo obtain the desired effect. 5-year survival rate of surgical treatment is not high, accounting for only 2% – 3%. It is reported that, using the appropriate medical treatment can prolong the survival of quality of life.
Clinical and physical strong for younger patients with early pancreatic cancer, can be taken after surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy given appropriate and comprehensive treatment using traditional Chinese medicine, with internal and external governance, Medical Device and used to improve the patients physical, quality of life and survival period.
Chinese and Western medical treatment of pancreatic cancer, for the older age, poor health, or in advanced pancreatic cancer unsuitable for surgery patients. Chinese medicine can be used in combination therapy-based Integrative Medicine.
Some experts believe that: Pancreatic cancer, once diagnosed, that should be the method of combining Chinese and Western treatment price. This will not only improve survival of patients, and can effectively improve the quality of life of patients. The use of Chinese medicine treatment, be sure to pay attention to syndrome differentiation, treatment of internal and external prices and other comprehensive measures in order to receive more satisfactory treatment.

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