Drug treatment of cholangiocarcinoma

By | April 28, 2012

Bile duct cancer drug treatment, bile duct cancer is occurring in extrahepatic bile duct (including about hepatic duct, hepatic duct, common bile duct) cancer. Excluding intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma, bile duct cell carcinoma of the liver, gallbladder, lack of special ampullary cancer. Cholangiocarcinoma by parts is divided into: the upper bile duct, which occurs in about hepatic duct, hepatic duct cholangiocarcinoma Department; middle bile duct cancer that occurs in the cystic duct to common bile duct below the level of the middle bile duct cancer; lower bile duct; that occurred in the bile Aunt glands Explorer section of duodenal bile duct segments.
Of bile duct cancer treatment, surgical treatment is currently still the main purpose is to remove the tumor and the bile duct open. Early bile duct cancer should be carried out on the radical resection of advanced unresectable cholangiocarcinoma palliative resection should be carried out or palliative biliary drainage.
For unresectable advanced cases, can be implemented palliative biliary drainage to relieve obstruction, reduce the yellow disease, biliary tract infection control, improve liver function and prolong the patient's life.
Can not be further radical resection of the tumor, but still capable of excision, should seek palliative tumor resection, postoperative radiotherapy / chemotherapy or drug therapy, can improve the curative effect and improve the patients quality of life.
An external application of drugs such as pain, tumor, after years of clinical proof, in 2000 the new People's Republic of hyperthermia in tumors to obtain pain medicines An invention patent number: ZL95100343.7, Republic of China patent number: 51524 number. And by the World Intellectual Property Organization national health authorities and the recognition, access to international patent, the main Key words: A61K35/78, its patent protection by the world. Its efficacy, the World Health Organization called green therapy, known as the medical oncologist by the Japanese symbol of the arrival of spring.
First, the tumor hyperthermia using the latest technology. Tumor hyperthermia treatment of tumors using a new heating method, so that effective treatment of tumors up to temperature, and maintain a certain amount of time in order to achieve narrow or eliminate the tumor, which, without injury to normal tissues.
Second, the use of modern supercritical extraction technology. The natural and effective anti-cancer drugs extracted active ingredients pure, highly concentrated, in the heat under the effect of the accumulation of drugs, strengthening the role of anti-cancer drug activity, so full speed anti-cancer medicine.
Third, the use of modern advanced physical techniques.
Cholangiocarcinoma drug treatment, four, using a transdermal drug delivery methods. Based on Chinese meridian theory, dialectical distribution points, and flexible for treatment, directly on the lesions and effective anti-cancer drugs through the skin Cou, pores, acupuncture points, meridians sustained constant slow release drug delivery to the lesion. Maintain a constant blood concentration, act as a "release library" of scientific results, to avoid the liver first pass effect and gastrointestinal disturbances and degradation, to prevent overdose due to gastrointestinal irritation and medical cross-infection formulation is reasonable.

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