Herbal Treatment of esophageal cancer before and after surgery

By | April 29, 2012

Herbal Treatment of esophageal cancer before and after surgery, 1. Esophageal designed side before surgery
Spleen and kidney side:
[Composition and Usage] Codonopsis l5g, acetabular surgery l2g, night Ling l2g, licorice 3g, f parameter l5g, Radix 109, Polygonatum l2g, Ligustrum lucidum l2g, Astragalus l5g, mortar tongue grass 24g, honeysuckle 109 acetabular hair vine 24g. Water Night, 1, 1, sub-sub-services. Another: Ginseng American Ginseng 109 or ravioli, and the other fried Dayton clothing. Preoperative and even served 2 ~ II.
[Indications] spleen and kidney, detoxification. Treating esophageal cancer.
[Add ring application] nausea upper abdominal swelling who force at Magnolia, integrated shell; estuary were evil, hold the spit, nervous Pinellia, Ginger; dry mouth zones that, plus villosum, on behalf of the fine stone; Jin injured constipation, Add IJ also, Scrophulariaceae, Ophiopogon japonicus, hemp seed; anorexia who Jiamai bud, mte hit.
Herbal Treatment of esophageal cancer before and after surgery, 2. Esophageal cancer after surgical treatment of post-party
(1) Huangwa scattered by free
[Composition and use of] red ginseng, yellow people, arrests have been sub-Feng, Ligustrum lucidum, Beijing, Chengdu and other meat, according to 1: 5: 2: 2: 2 ratio formula, weighed and dried (60 ~ 70 C) , Yang i and a half, over 120 mesh sieve, and mix the powder into the bottle aside. 1 109,1 3 big day. Shuijianbi.
[Indications] Qi righting. Treating esophageal cancer.
[Add ring application] Zhuojia rubescens, diffusa, Scutellaria barbata attack evil; chest pain such as those of Sichuan, plus Cyperus rotundus, turmeric, August Sapporo.
(2) Tom Shenmai righting
[Composition and Usage] Adenophora 109, Radix 109, was Ling 12g, Huang Jing l2g, called the public 15g, heterophylla l5g, Codonopsis l2g, melon wilt 24g, malt 24g, the chicken inside. Ginseng (steamed against) or American ginseng (steam against) 4 ~ ravioli, honeysuckle 15g, tumultuous 109. Decoction, 1, 1, 3 times service.
[Indications] Qi Yin, Jianpixiaoshi. Treating esophageal cancer.
[Add spread the use of] Qi persons, plus Astragalus, Codonopsis; sweating bad the wind, reuse Mao Huang, plus Atractylodes, wind, Schisandra, floating wheat, raw male spider (Xian Jian); blood deficiency, Add Angelica, Radix; with obvious deficiency, increased Adenophora, Ophiopogon japonicus; Yang those, plus the system of films, Guangxi University; chest pain, plus fumarate, SM; abdominal distension, plus wood, Magnolia; satisfied poor person, plus villosum, the right shell, fried hawthorn; who would Luk, plus fried Atractylodes, Wu Lai Ying, lentils.
3. Esophageal reflux esophagitis after party
(1) compound reflux Angola
[Composition and terminology] Guizhi l5g, white struggling g, licorice 109, Ginger 109, corrugated sub-30g, night Ling 30g, Atractylodes l2g, system Pinellia 12g, jujube 12. Shuijianbi.
[Indications] yang of gas, Jiangni benefits from drinking. Indications of postoperative anastomotic inflammation reflux, esophagitis.
[Clinical Report] treated 32 patients with carcinoma after reflux responsible for the door, all effective, better than Western medicine.
Herbal Treatment of esophageal cancer before and after surgery, (2) Driving safety cover on behalf of the Fine China
[Composition per usage] Inula (cloth) l2g, on behalf of the fine stone (Xian Jian) l5g, Codonopsis 20g, law Pinellia l5g, Zhigancao ravioli, leek juice 3 bait, milk 30g, Ouzhi 30g, fried Gan juice 30g, pear juice 30g, raw honey, 30g, 109 in old age, knife beans 109, barbata 30g, lobelia 30g, Actinidiae 30g. Shuijianbi.
[Indications] Spleen Stomach, lower gas detoxification. Indications of postoperative reflux esophagitis.
[Add ring application] phlegm Sheng who, to Baked Licorice, Codonopsis, add orange peel, Buddha, melon wilt, fresh Zhu Li; weak spleen and stomach, reuse Codonopsis, plus yellow people, white and surgery; Yin deficiency, to law Breit, Codonopsis, Jiamai winter, white Gou, heterophylla, stone Wrestling; disharmony of liver and who, to law Breit, Block, bald, plus magnets (Xian Jian), Xiang Fu, Chai Hu; marks blood impedance who, to Codonopsis, Yun bald, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Corydalis, melon wilt, Mao Huang.
[Clinical Report] treatment of esophageal reflux after 46 cases of the total effective rate; 91.3%.

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