Mid-esophageal cancer treatment

By | April 29, 2012

Mid-esophageal cancer drug, mid esophageal cancer refers to tumor invasion and teach film lamina propria or lower, and the regional lymph node metastasis; or around the tumor invades adjacent organs or muscle, regardless of regional lymph node metastasis. The organs of the patients had no distant metastasis, including the E and E of esophageal cancer.
E is also the medium-term esophageal cancer esophageal cancer, including tumor invasion and esophageal adventitia, regional lymph node metastasis and tumor invades adjacent organs, regional lymph node metastasis in patients regardless of the percentage of all patients with esophageal cancer of 70% _80% the possibility of surgery alone to cure a very small, very small number of patients can bring long-term survival after surgery, most patients in the postoperative recurrence or metastasis 1_2 years there. The main purpose of treatment is to reduce symptoms and prolong survival. Surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy in different combinations of the period, including preoperative and postoperative chemotherapy, preoperative and postoperative radiotherapy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy or radiotherapy and chemotherapy and so on.
Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Ouke production of "esophagus flat casual" is by inhibiting cancer cell proliferation and enhance immune cell activity, promote tumor cell differentiation and other aspects of reversal, induced apoptosis in G1 phase cells and prevent tumor cells, DNA replication, inhibition of tumor growth. Make radiotherapy and chemotherapy to improve the security of more than double the response rate to achieve the treatment goal. After a large number of experiments showed that the tumor suppression mechanism in the following aspects:
Mid-induced cell cancer cells block the digestive system and inhibit tumor cell proliferation and differentiation, impeding tumor growth, tumor can shrink or disappear.
Reticuloendothelial cells and stimulate the activity of phagocytic cells, improve immune system function.
Signal transduction through the digestive system cancer cells, selective inhibition of NA +, K +, ATP activity, decreased oncogene expression, inducing tumor cell apoptosis.
The transfer of control of primary disease and the continued spread of metastases, significantly alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life. Can enhance immune function, the elimination of the virus and the virus material. The mechanism of mononuclear phagocytes through the enhancement of the phagocytic system have clear ability to improve the cytotoxicity of NK cells to promote cell division of other static and improve the number of lymphocytes and promote the role of lymphocyte transformation to enhance cellular immunity.
Mid-esophageal cancer drug, for H of esophageal cancer, tumors and muscle invasion, regional lymph node metastasis, or tumor invading the esophageal adventitia, regional leaching Pat node without metastasis, surgical resection is the best choice. Postoperative pathological conditions according to the option of adjuvant chemotherapy and biological therapy. Studies suggest that the preoperative chemotherapy in patients does not increase surgical mortality, can improve the survival rate, including chemotherapy significantly prolonged survival period. However, the majority hospitals often choose the first post-operative chemotherapy treatment. However, we recommend that in patients with chemotherapy process, assisted Yi Xie Guo Zihao the drugs for multiple treatments, while improving the body's completely kill the tumor cells.

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