Early esophageal cancer treatment

By | April 29, 2012

Early esophageal cancer drugs, the so-called early esophageal cancer is a tumor invasion and mucosal or teach only film to teach film layer or the lower the inherent, and lymph node and distant organ metastasis-free tumors, including 0 and I of esophageal cancer. Should be the preferred surgical treatment of early esophageal cancer. Surgery alone in patients with 5-year survival rate of up to 90%. As of early disease, surgery generally do not choose assisted radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Do not want surgery or for patients who can not tolerate surgery, can be used endoscopic mucosal resection or endoscopic laser therapy, may be considered for submucosal cancer, the local injection of anticancer drugs to increase efficacy. A wide range of early esophageal cancer drugs for different patients, to select the most suitable drugs are effective in this we recommend the use of two kinds of the most clinically effective drug.
One is an expert in Chinese medicine for many years by the China study and the preparation process of clinical improvement of the formation of a new generation of oral dosage forms of Chinese medicine – Xiaoaiping film. This product is black bone Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau rare plant cane as the main raw materials, anti-cancer ingredients extracted by modern technology, not only greatly enhance the efficacy of the original recipe, but also facilitate the clinical application. Xiaoaiping tablets for the treatment of esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, gastric cardia, colorectal cancer, cervical cancer, leukemia and other cancers, but also with radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgical treatment. Treatment of early esophageal cancer patients have a significant effect;
Another is Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Shaanxi Ouke flat bulk production of the esophagus, mainly used against vomiting, Ditan detoxification, Liangge consumer product, pain relief, tumor suppressor cancer and prolong life. For cancer, cardiac, cardiac spasm, esophageal stricture obstruction. The main clinical use in advanced esophageal cancer of the esophagus causing discomfort, dysphagia, dripping high, choking belch, anti-saliva and various esophageal disorders, can also be used for radiotherapy with chemotherapy treatment.
Early treatment esophageal cancer, esophageal flat bulk of Pharmacology:
1, the relaxation of esophageal smooth muscle:
Experiments show that the esophagus has sustained a significant level scattered esophageal smooth muscle relaxation, 10.49 +3.98 minutes after administration the rapid relaxation of esophageal smooth muscle.
2, inhibition and antispasmodic effects: Physostigmine Salicylate copy with esophageal smooth muscle excitability (spasticity) model, then add the esophagus flat bulk extract, experiments show that the bulk of the excitement level esophageal spasm of the esophagus and inhibited smooth muscle spasm.
3. Anti-inflammatory swelling effect, the use of croton oil mouse ear swelling. Experiments show that the esophagus has significant anti-inflammatory flat bulk reduction of swelling.
4. Analgesic effect: The hot plate test, morphine as a positive control. Experiments show that the esophagus has strong analgesic effects of casual level.
5. Change the general emblem cycle. Improve the immune system: The animals were anesthetized and remove the intestinal trip, flat filled with 37 saline on the glass, the capillary under the microscope within the mesenteric blood flow, flow pattern and diameter changes, the results showed that the esophagus level can significantly expand scattered mesenteric capillary diameter, increasing blood flow velocity, indicating that the drug has a significant role in microcirculation.
Early esophageal cancer drug, 6. Inhibit and kill cancer cells (Hela): the Hela cells were 15x% calf serum medium eagle, the 37 for, the calculation of drug inhibition of cell growth rate and kill rate. The results show that the bulk and esophagus levels significantly inhibited the positive drug colchicine and anti-Hela cells, and a dose-dependent effects to treat patients with early esophageal cancer.

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