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Tumors in the combined therapy of medicine and surgery

Malignant tumors is still the main treatment, early cases can be solved. Because the location and nature of the tumor, tumor surgery, indications are also different. Surgical resection of tumor, and more for dogs? Bring patients a variety of injuries and complications, but also to some extent, affected the outcome, but surgery is also a… Read More »

Individualized cancer treatment

Individual treatment of malignant tumors: study in the treatment of malignant tumors, there is a perplexing question, and that is why the same stage, the same histologic type, tumor treatment using the same patients, the survival of long-term effects that there significantly different. This may be similar heterogeneity of malignant tumors. Care introduced the concept… Read More »

What is evidence-based cancer therapy

What is evidence-based cancer therapy: Since 1990, the field in clinical medicine, a new trend that the patient's treatment, treatment guidelines and medical policies. The attention of individuals on the basis of clinical experience, it should use the best available evidence from clinical trials, which is evidence-based medicine (evidence based medicine, EBM).What is evidence-based cancer… Read More »

The treatment of cancer micrometastases

Treatment of tumor micrometastasis: the tumor micro-metastasis is the nature of the tumor is another important clinical and pathological indicators, although there are many aspects need to be perfect, but its clinical significance and the same routine pathological examination, can not be ignored. Detection and treatment of micrometastases in some ways than the physical transfer… Read More »

Gastrointestinal cancer minimally invasive surgery (endoscopic surgery)

Minimally invasive surgery, gastrointestinal cancer has become more mature treatment, and involve various specialist areas. However, minimally invasive surgery because of gastrointestinal malignant tumor specificity, the gastrointestinal tract the actual role of minimally invasive surgery, minimally invasive surgical indications and were being questioned radical, the biggest concern is not complete tumor resection and abdominal incision… Read More »

Tumor suppressor gene therapy

Cancer patients because of loss of function caused by mutations in p53 gene and the formation of many types of human cancer-related. To treat the defect and induce apoptosis of tumor cells, has established a variety of wild-type p53 gene carrying adenovirus.Tumor suppressor gene therapy, at the beginning of the study, through the appropriate tumor… Read More »

The clinical application of hyperthermia

Clinical application of hyperthermia The main advantage of hyperthermia is not subject to the impact of histological nature, so suitable for radiation and / or insensitive to chemotherapy of tumors. A variety of chest, abdominal tumor, malignant melanoma, malignant soft tissue tumors. Clinical application of hyperthermia in advanced tumors, large tumors or recurrent tumors are… Read More »

Clinical classification of cervical cancer

According to the growth pattern and morphology of cancer, cervical cancer can be divided into four types of clinical classification.Clinical classification of cervical cancer 1.Erosive type: cervical appearance there, showing that erosion or showed mild granular rough, hard texture palpation and easy bleeding.This type prevalent in the early stage cervical cancer.Clinical classification of cervical cancer… Read More »