Individualized cancer treatment

By | October 19, 2011

Individual treatment of malignant tumors: study in the treatment of malignant tumors, there is a perplexing question, and that is why the same stage, the same histologic type, tumor treatment using the same patients, the survival of long-term effects that there significantly different. This may be similar heterogeneity of malignant tumors. Care introduced the concept of the heterogeneity of the tumor to the tumor staging and treatment.
Individual treatment of cancer: According to the heterogeneity of the tumor and the patient's physical, psychological work out individualized treatment programs, cancer treatment should be a development direction, with the realization of the human genome project, microarray technology, oncogene on cancer cells or tumor suppressor gene changes or new paragraph and find the base mesh may change the protein level, it is possible to gradually establish a means of molecular cancer therapy predictor system, so as to predict the clinical effectiveness of chemotherapy or radiation therapy to provide direct evidence that the level of the individual cancer gene therapy is possible, but also for treatment of cancer Multidisciplinary provide the basis for the rational application.

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