What is evidence-based cancer therapy

By | October 19, 2011

What is evidence-based cancer therapy: Since 1990, the field in clinical medicine, a new trend that the patient's treatment, treatment guidelines and medical policies. The attention of individuals on the basis of clinical experience, it should use the best available evidence from clinical trials, which is evidence-based medicine (evidence based medicine, EBM).
What is evidence-based cancer therapy: evidence-based oncology in cancer medicine that is evidence-based clinical practice applications. Evidence-based medicine and the traditional difference between clinical medicine, evidence-based medicine is a medical reason, but it is an experience of traditional clinical medicine. Evidence-based medicine, large sample randomized controlled study, randomized study of all relevant RCT and systematic assessment (systematic reviews, SR) the result is to prove some kind of treatment efficacy and safety of the most reliable evidence, the so-called golden standard, that is the best evidence available for clinical application. In the absence of gold standard, other non-randomized controlled trials and systematic evaluation of clinical studies also serves as a reference, but the reliability decreases. I believe that with the passage of time, follow the evidence of the tumor will become the mainstream of clinical practice, cancer patients will also benefit from deep rational evidence-based medicine to benefit.

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