Laryngeal lymphatic system

By | October 19, 2011

Laryngeal lymphatic system: laryngeal cancer can be transferred through the lymphatic system, there is the first lymph node, supraglottic lymphatic type the vocal cords was very small, metastasis occurs late. Supraglottic, due to abundant lymphoid tissue, Pat leaching time of the transfer occurs earlier.
Laryngeal lymphatic system: Lymph node metastasis occurs sooner or later, in addition to the above the primary lesion site, clinical stage, but also with histological characteristics. Clinical statistics show that non-invasive nature of carcinoma in situ, almost no lymph node metastasis. Invasive cancer, about 30% of patients had lymph node metastases. If the disease is limited to the scope of the glottis, the occurrence of less than 1% chance of metastasis. However, if the lesion had violated throat chamber, Laryngeal vestibule, subglottic area, or the primary site of tumors in the laryngeal vestibule, about 30% may have a cervical lymph node metastasis. Department of laryngeal vestibule or the edge of the cancer pyriform more opportunities cervical lymph node metastasis up to 50%. To sum up, basically so that the vocal cord metastasis little chance, but whether it is primary or spread farther from the vocal cords, the higher the chance of metastasis.
Laryngeal lymphatic system: cervical lymph node metastasis and tumor cell differentiation is also relevant level. The literature that the degree of differentiation for the I grade, the basic phenomenon of no lymph node metastasis; differentiation grade to E about 20% of cervical lymph node metastasis; differentiation grade for the dish, cervical lymph node metastasis of 40% -50 %; the degree of differentiation for the IV grade cervical lymph node metastasis rate of 70%. Members of the type reported in different stages of cases, cervical lymph node metastases in the discussion of the literature that the cervical lymph node metastasis rate was 56% – 74% range.

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