Psychosocial factors in patients with cancer

By | October 19, 2011

Psychological factors in patients with cancer: Cancer patients in the depression and anxiety causes of disease, psychological and social factors the role of researchers have gradually attracted attention. Although there has been in remission and possible cure for cancer have a greater progress, but because it is an equivalent to the hopelessness, pain, fear and death, chronic illness, its diagnosis and treatment is often accompanied by psychological stress.
Psychological factors in cancer patients: cancer patients suffer physical illness, surgery or radiotherapy, chemotherapy, suffering, mental illness is more to bear on the confusion, the fear of death and other family members of guilt and the estimation of economic costs ideological burden. Element of them suffering from cancer of suspected physical and psychological double stress, such stress can be interpreted as signs of danger, when patients over-exaggerate the danger and underestimate their own ability to cope easily cause symptoms such as depression and anxiety . The stress from the disease, patients and their family's attitude to the disease, the patient's social environment. Including:
1. The disease itself (such as location, clinical presentation, treatment equipment, treatment, complications, prognosis, etc.).
2. Early life experience and previous level of social and psychological adjustment.
3. Cultural and religious beliefs.
4. Psychological stress potential.
5. In patients with personality and coping style.
6. Patients with their environment / society, moral support.
Cancer patients psychological factors: social support may be poor determinants of depressive disorders and somatic diseases due to increase to support the needs of the individual, the lack of such support can lead to depression. Adequate social support can alleviate the pressure is reduced by some individuals to develop into the possibility of depression.

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