Partial resection of gastric cancer

By | October 19, 2011

Partial resection of gastric cancer: With the early gastric cancer diagnosis rates have increased, the way their surgery and breast cancer tumors, have a step by step by the so-called radical surgery trends in the transition to restrictive procedures. Gastric restrictive surgery earlier indication of open and laparoscopic surgery is similar to surgical methods are similar. Only full-gastrectomy stomach 1/2–1/3 range, number of stomach lymph node dissection, incomplete removal of omentum. Total gastrectomy in multiple indications and limited (foci distributed in the stomach district) and the residual early gastric cancer. There will pylorus preserving distal gastrectomy used in early gastric cancer.
Partial resection of gastric cancer: early gastric cancer restrictive procedures, indication if the right choices, to achieve good cure rates Gan. Compared with the standard radical gastrectomy, such operations retained the appetite function, helps maintain the stability of structure and function of the digestive tract, thereby reducing complications and improving the business bank absorption and improve the quality of life of patients, especially for the older body weak patients.

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