The clinical application of hyperthermia

By | October 15, 2011

Clinical application of hyperthermia
The main advantage of hyperthermia is not subject to the impact of histological nature, so suitable for radiation and / or insensitive to chemotherapy of tumors. A variety of chest, abdominal tumor, malignant melanoma, malignant soft tissue tumors. Clinical application of hyperthermia in advanced tumors, large tumors or recurrent tumors are valid.
Clinical application of hyperthermia, hyperthermia key is to achieve an effective temperature of the tumor area, while the surrounding normal tissue, and skin affected as little as possible. Should be considered in order to achieve treatment temperature and time are two factors. High temperature treatment time can be shorter, otherwise time should be lengthened. Temperature uniformity is also very important to avoid cold spots and hot spots. Should be based on the performance of the machine used by the selection indication. The temperature is the key to hyperthermia.
Whole body hyperthermia in recent years, China has begun the application has not yet universal, not include in the specifications. Generally not in clinical hyperthermia alone. Generally associated with radiation therapy and / or chemotherapy and application.

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