The treatment of cancer micrometastases

By | October 19, 2011

Treatment of tumor micrometastasis: the tumor micro-metastasis is the nature of the tumor is another important clinical and pathological indicators, although there are many aspects need to be perfect, but its clinical significance and the same routine pathological examination, can not be ignored. Detection and treatment of micrometastases in some ways than the physical transfer of the diagnosis and treatment more important. Micrometastasis methods of treatment and physical treatment of the transfer similar.
Treatment of tumor micrometastasis: Shiratori, etc. will Adexl-CA-m-IL-2 (a viral vector and IL-II genes and enzymes from binding globulin product of adenosine) into the nude mice inoculated with tumor cells, found that it can make nude elevated levels of serum IL-2, NK cell activity increased, inoculation inhibited liver metastasis of tumor cells. Saga, etc. to the cultivation of human colon cancer cells LS174T, and the occurrence of liver micrometastasis in mice with intravenous injection of 131I labeled anti-CEA antibody F33-104, found that survival was significantly longer than that without treatment. Tsuji and other study found that liver and colon cancer patients receiving liver resection after high dose 5-Fu, prolong its survival, indicating that 5 a Fu chemotherapy to control the liver micro-metastasis is quite obvious

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