Tumors in the combined therapy of medicine and surgery

By | October 21, 2011

Malignant tumors is still the main treatment, early cases can be solved. Because the location and nature of the tumor, tumor surgery, indications are also different. Surgical resection of tumor, and more for dogs? Bring patients a variety of injuries and complications, but also to some extent, affected the outcome, but surgery is also a problem thoroughly, so still need medicine and surgery combined with tumor treatment, to improve the therapeutic effect.
Combination of medicine and surgery in cancer treatment 1. Chinese medicine treatment before surgery
(1) pre-operative treatment in Chinese medicine righting
Preoperative conditioning of Chinese medicine to patients in order to rectify the imbalance of yin and yang, you can expand the indications for surgery and reduce surgical complications and sequelae. Most of the use of preoperative administration of qi and blood, or spleen Qi, nourishing the kidney government prescription, such as the Decoction, eight treasures soup, Shiquandabutang, Bao Yuan Tang, Liu Wei Di Huang Tang, etc., or a combination of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment to conditioning.
(2) pre-operative cancer treatment in Chinese medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine anti-cancer therapy before surgery aims to control the development of cancer, with some anti-tumor effect of a traditional Chinese medicine preparation for the observation of preoperative treatment, then surgical pathology specimens to observe the effect of the drug. If breast cancer patients before application of colchicine stuffed plastic, so that breast tumor shrinkage, stromal reaction around the enhanced for the benefit of surgical resection.
Combination of medicine and surgery in cancer treatment 2. Chinese medicine treatment after surgery
Cancer patients after surgery with Traditional Chinese Medicine, is one of the most commonly used comprehensive measures. Chinese medicine, gas consumption and easy operation wound blood, qi and blood after surgery patients usually presents both Qi and Yin deficiency or injury; or Camp David or loss and stomach disorders, if they have complications after surgery, you may be more complex syndrome, the clinical syndrome should be given according to different syndrome differentiation. Z tumor proved positive after surgery in patients with Chinese medicine treatment can accelerate postoperative rehabilitation, relapse prevention, for a timely release as soon as possible, to create conditions for chemotherapy. Cancer patients after surgery in the medical treatment, generally have the following situations:
(1) Spleen and Stomach: cancer patients, due to anesthesia, bleeding and surgical trauma, in particular, to be fasting after gastrointestinal surgery and gastrointestinal decompression, so that gastrointestinal disorders, there food anorexia, bloating gas, constipation and so on. At this point you must first promote the spleen and stomach function in patients, the treatment focuses on fighting such as the spleen and stomach manifested as spleen qi deficiency alone, and not stomach, can Liujunzi Tang (Codonopsis, since the surgery, was Ling, Citrus, Pinellia, Licorice ) addition and subtraction, combined with qi of the goods, the general and mental strength can enhance the appetite;
(2) Qi solid form: some patients after surgery often sweating profusely, or moving the sweating, chills, after sweating, fatigue, weakness, which was after business health disorders, not solid due to the virtual table. Expelling Qi solid form, with Yu Ping Feng San subtraction rule, if no other complications of inclusion, often to receive an immediate effect.
(3) YangYinShengJin: If the patient after surgery of stomach yin big injury, body fluid loss, resulting in dry mouth, irritability, poor appetite with nausea, dry stool, light red tongue without coating embolism, which, after gastrointestinal surgery , in particular, there is a thin tube formation, a large number of common digestive juice is lost, then a large number of YangYinShengJin must Herbal Treatment can often get better results.
(4) a long time after surgery Herbal Treatment: surgery, according to the disease long-term conditioning, or intermittent treatment with Chinese medicine.

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