Standard and root of cancer

By | October 21, 2011

Symptoms and treatment of cancer, refers to the ins and outs of major and minor illnesses and disease priorities of the situation. Chinese medicine believes that the performance standard of the disease and the phenomenon of clinical syndromes occur; this is the occurrence of disease pathogenesis, the nature of the disease. In clinical treatment, generally by "radical then treat the symptoms, slow then treat the" principle.
cancer, acute and then treat the symptoms, the tumor development process, if an emergency critical syndromes that affect the safety of patients, it must first solve the office, and then the principle of treating the tumor itself. Such as liver disease and syndrome, when there is upper gastrointestinal bleeding, although this time the cancer-based, bleeding as standard, but the bleeding has been life-threatening patients, more acute syndrome, so treatment to stop bleeding, etc. on the main treatment, carry on only slow the blood disease, then the line to anti-cancer treatment.
cancer, slow the governance of the book, a tumor disease is relatively stable, non-emergency critical syndromes to treatment for the cancer card itself. Such as liver disease compared with no bleeding or other acute syndromes, the time to cure the line to anti-cancer treatment.

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