Tumor immunosuppressive effects of Chinese medicine

By | October 21, 2011

Immunosuppressive effects of Chinese medicine for cancer have had a lot of research, such as that licorice is a good immunosuppressants. However, immunosuppressive effects of licorice and X-ray, chemotherapy drugs or prednisone and so different, only the therapeutic effects of immune suppression, generally do not have white blood cells and lymphocytes and reduction of side effects. Tumor immunosuppression medicine, in addition, inhibition of the same kind of addicted to the drug-cell antibodies also Bupleurum, Angelica, Alisma wine extract. And angelica, peach, gentian, ginseng bamboo, water extract of Amomum reduction and jujube wine extract had strong suppression of the immune effects. Millettia, safflower, salvia, etc. that have been deposited in the antigen-antibody complex can promote the role of absorption and elimination. Motherwort, pangolins, leeches, mosquitoes can inhibit the antigen-antibody immune response caused by pathological damage. Salvia, Panax, turmeric, etc. can remove excess antigen in the blood and prevent further generation of immune complexes.
Tumor immunosuppression medicine, a number of cytotoxic medicine, such as the very spot, mosquitoes, entertainment, clams, surgery, etc. I may also inhibit the role of humoral or cellular immunity. Cynanchum paniculatum on the egg white medicine allergic reaction in guinea pigs and guinea pigs inoculated BeG old tuberculin positive rate, there is a certain extent. Large number of clinical and experimental studies have shown that some blood of the mold, Yin cooling, heat detoxification herbs like, do a treatment of allergic diseases.

Long-term post-operative Herbal Treatment: surgery, according to long-term illness conditioning, or intermittent treatment with Chinese medicine.

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