Factors that affect cancer pain

By | October 21, 2011

Factors that affect cancer pain (1) age in general, the sensitivity to pain increased with increasing age. Baby is not sensitive to pain stimuli, pain dispersion, positioning is not clear. With age, the pain gradually becomes clear, sensitive and accurate positioning. Elderly pain sensitivity stronger, but too old man appeared dull pain.
(2) female gender, poor pain tolerance than men.
Factors that affect cancer pain (3) different kinds of ethnic people's sensitivity to pain there are some differences. There experiments showed that the highest threshold of pain white, black people of the, yellow the lowest.
(4) genetic, physical, personal life experience, cultural differences, tolerance of pain significantly different in general, vulnerability, lack of self-control to the pain tolerance is weak, and perseverance, strong self-control and tolerance of people strong.
Factors that affect cancer pain (5) psychological factors
cognition: direct impact on pain perception of pain levels.
Attention: Attention a significant effect on pain. Soldiers fighting on the battlefield are injured, pain is not obvious, often injured in the battle area after the end of that obvious pain. The reason is that its focus was injured in the fighting, the battle began to pay attention to calm down after the end of his injuries.
emotions: negative emotions, such as anxiety, depression, and can aggravate the pain, upbeat mood can ease the pain. More negative emotions associated with cancer patients, is one of the causes of pain d heavier. When he learned that his condition improves, reduce their pain.
hint: hint that can affect the degree of pain. Deep hypnotic state, guided by the language suggested by the hypnotist to lose and feel pain. This is a hint of pain, a typical example. Often encountered by clinical methods suggests that pain relief situation.
will: the will of a strong pain tolerance were strong, weak-willed less tolerated. Clinic found that a pain in cancer patients, when treatment lost confidence weak, the pain severe, when the ideological struggle through persuasion or through others, to establish the confidence to fight cancer, enhance the will to live, the pain can be eased .
Other: patient pain attitudes, beliefs can affect the degree of pain.

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