Psychological treatment of cancer pain

By | October 21, 2011

Cancer patients are prone to negative emotions, which is an important factor in increasing pain. In turn, more severe pain might cause a patient or worsen anxiety, depression and other negative emotions, undermine confidence in the patient overcome the disease.Cancer pain therapy is important, both influence each other, creating a vicious cycle, severely reducing the quality of life of patients and by reducing the body's resistance to stress is not conducive to the patient's treatment and rehabilitation. Therefore, to some difficult to control the pain, to impose an effective psychological treatment, with improved patient quality of life and prolong survival role.
Psychological treatment of cancer pain can be the first use of cognitive therapy to relieve the patient's ideological concerns, the concept of change is not correct and improve the confidence to fight cancer. Then suggested that hypnosis, relaxation, biofeedback, music, Qigong and other therapies, not only can ease the patient's pain, and relieve or alleviate the patient's negative emotions.
During treatment, psychological treatment of cancer pain is essential that patients do not ignore Oh!

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