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Dialectic of cancer medicine

Dialectic of cancer medicine A dialectic of cancer medicine, China universe gasification China has a very unique concept for other free nation, that the "gas" concept. Chinese people as the integrity of the universe, endless loop, and then the whole world, human life, and even individual's physical integrity is also considered, endless loop. Second, the… Read More »

Chinese medicine treatment of esophageal cancer

Esophageal cancer, mostly in medicine, "Ye Ge," "choke" aspects "to treat patients on the" Description: "Ye Ge who hunger for enriching food, but the reverse in the throat choking welcome mediastinoscopy, between on appetite, not the stomach, hold the spit out of the zone. " "The rotten in the past pharynx under the drinking water… Read More »

Cancer treatment to two

The first   To human cancer Occupational physician is not a simple human life can not live without humanity. Some people think that some doctors are now treating the lack of humanity and ethics are not serious also received a red envelope. Cancer patients are a special group, special needs of others care, encouragement and… Read More »

Biological treatment of cancer

Biological treatment of cancer by increasing the immune function and enhance the body's defense against cancer, the method, also known as immunotherapy. Can induce active immunization or adoptive immunotherapy method to re-adjust the destruction of the balance between the body and cancer, the cancer patient's immune function was restored and prolong survival.      

Trinity Green pancreatic cancer therapy

"Trinity Green pancreatic cancer therapy," Introduction: Pancreatic cancer-specific broad-spectrum anti-cancer drug + drugs + trace element products.1, the pancreatic cancer-specific drugs (Fu-sheng capsule, deer grass jelly compound particles, anti-cancer flat balls): the use of specific drugs for pancreatic cancer treatment, to effectively control the lesions and reduce digestive symptoms such as obstruction and swallowing, currently… Read More »

Palliative surgery for tumor

From the purpose of treatment, the tumor is mainly used for palliative surgical treatment to reduce symptoms or improve function. Such as reducing pain, ulcerative tumor resection to reduce bleeding and infection, reduce cough and asthma to improve sleep, relieve choking or obstruction. The basic starting point in the surgery is not increased in patients… Read More »

Comprehensive treatment of lung cancer

Comprehensive treatment of lung cancer, the current operation is still the preferred method of treatment of cancer is the most effective part of early cancer treatment. However, surgery alone, even at the so-called "super-radical surgery", many patients ultimately died of recurrence and metastasis, even I of non-small cell lung cancer 5 years after surgical resection,… Read More »

The differential diagnosis of lung cancer

Differential diagnosis of lung cancer cases according to tumor location, pathological type and duration of morning and evening so different situations presented in the clinical symptoms and X-ray findings are also diverse, easily confused with other lung diseases. Thus, early cases of lung cancer in particular, the differential diagnosis of early diagnosis and early treatment… Read More »

Liver cancer treatment

Treatment of liver cancerLiver cancer treatment, the purpose of treatment of liver cancer are: eradicate cancer, prolong survival, reduce pain. To achieve this, the general principle of treatment should be followed. (1) Early treatment of liver cancer: Early diagnosis as possible, once the liver cancer diagnosis clear, should take timely and effective treatment. Should strive… Read More »