Cancer treatment to two

By | October 10, 2011

The first   To human cancer
Occupational physician is not a simple human life can not live without humanity. Some people think that some doctors are now treating the lack of humanity and ethics are not serious also received a red envelope. Cancer patients are a special group, special needs of others care, encouragement and help, he is less painful, if the doctor or his family a good point, he will find the value of the die.
Doctors should be based on the patient's mental capacity, gradually reveal the true condition, if all of a sudden told he had cancer, and some people can not accept, and will feel despair, mental collapse. Pour boiling water all at once like a cold cup, the cup will be shattered same. So, I generally do not tell at the beginning of treatment he was cancer, said to be precancerous lesions, such as cured of the disease and then tell him the truth, it is a good treatment. At the same time give him a cure for the patient described, among them a "word therapy", this method is very effective.
In therapy, the role of families is also important, and some family members were very concerned about the patient, the family sent Xunyiwenyao, Zaguomaitie must heal the patient. Some families are different, very pessimistic, that buried dozens of cancer nine, leaving a not cancer, worry about both life and wealth, and even fear of infecting themselves, far away from the patient, the patient bad mood, can survive desire?
The second To personalize the treatment of cancer
To syndrome differentiation, vary, treatment of the disease and can not be according to the traditional medical model, the program had cancer of the lung, had liver cancer is the program, each person's situation is different in different pathological type, physical differences economic conditions are different, not simply take the same approach.
Have led a father to Women in Guangzhou treatment, liver full of tumor, radiotherapy has not done, the results of bleeding, and now is trying to rescue. Such patients should not have radiation therapy, and can only slowly with the Chinese government, Dosages are not large, need to combine the hemostatic and anti-cancer drug treatment. So we have to implement science based on personalized disease treatment.
Errors into the cancer treatment has long been the treatment of cancer based on thirty years I have accumulated some experience, I think we must vigorously promote the "Four Act Two" of the new method of cancer.
In addition, I would like to talk about the problems of modern medicine. Recently, many false exaggeration to say that Chinese medicine can treat cancer, a bad influence at home and abroad. Chinese medicine treatment of cancer, should be the use of modern technology, And not just find a few Chinese drink a decoction of Chinese medicine pay, so that not only medical treatment, but delaying treatment. My research in the modernization of Chinese medicine, on the first side from the drug group as "not to hurt the evil attack is not being raised to help the evil" as the rule is. The second selection of herbs from the high content of active ingredients on the use, scientifically validated significant anticancer effects, drug side effects of herbs used as medicine. A medicine of different origin, collected in different seasons, different medicinal parts, processing methods, the different extraction methods , different dosage form will directly affect its efficacy. The third method from the medication and dosage is concerned, and master special way of taking the dose of stress. For example, when the first medication in patients with esophageal cancer drug into a paste and lying would be better served some drugs may play a role first in the esophagus. Some drugs Shang Wei can after meals and before meals can be served without side effects, drug free ginger cool delivery service and so on. After a small dose should be more gradual incremental, but not infinite, to a doctor of Integrative Medicine under the guidance of the impact of therapy with the best results sought.
In addition, due to environmental pollution and unhealthy living habits and other factors affect the incidence of cancer continues to grow now, and younger tend to hope that we consciously protect the environment, diet, regular physical examination, timely treatment of precancerous lesions, such as hepatitis B, Cirrhosis, atrophic Green inflammation, polyps, benign tumors, etc., before they occur.

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