Chinese medicine treatment of esophageal cancer

By | October 11, 2011

Esophageal cancer, mostly in medicine, "Ye Ge," "choke" aspects "to treat patients on the" Description: "Ye Ge who hunger for enriching food, but the reverse in the throat choking welcome mediastinoscopy, between on appetite, not the stomach, hold the spit out of the zone. " "The rotten in the past pharynx under the drinking water possible, the Food and difficult to enter, the name choke." The disease lesions in the esophagus, so Qing Yang Su Park, said: "Department of tangible things in the esophagus, obstructing the meantime, rather than carry out without undue stenosis." The incidence of esophageal cancer and spleen deficiency, the date of the sputum sediment delivery, the treatment principles of Chinese medicine yin and blood, spleen Qi, Chu Tan Stasis.
For prescription
   A prescription
Risk of esophageal cancer, while dysphagia, vomiting and other symptoms, it is desirable Pinellia 18 grams, Fuzi 1. 5-3 grams, 9 grams of gardenia. Qu Zhi decoction, 3 times service.
   Second prescription
     In addition, the prescription, along with licorice, ginger, juice decoction taken, the better.
   Three prescription
Swallowing difficulties, complicated cough symptoms, in addition to taking on the two, but also can take Poria 18 grams, 12 grams almonds, 3 grams of Morus alba L., Qu Zhi decoction taken. This prescription for sore throat, cough, difficulty swallowing very effective.
    Four prescription
     Radix 30 g, cat grass 30 grams, 6 grams of artificial bezoar,sand 3 grams, Radix 60 g, Southern Star System 9 grams, made of dry extract.
Usage 4 times a day, each serving 1.5 grams.
Five prescription borax 60 grams, dim stone 45 grams, Huoxiao 30 grams,sand, plum borneol, the incense of 9 grams.
Method research on the drug were fine flour, and one hundred mesh sieve, dense storage bottle for use.
Usage The time to take about 1 gram of the swallow, can not use water delivery service, once every 30 minutes with the pharynx; until the swelling disappeared, hold the spit Tu Jin, was under water, that is taken once to three hours, and then 3 times the stop. Note that many services can not be dressed in uniforms.
Efficacy of advanced esophageal cancer of the party to adapt to a sudden blockage of the esophagus, drip can not take the time to swallow.
Six prescription
North Adenophora 18 grams, 9 grams of Salvia, Angelica 12 grams, 6 grams Chuanbei, almond 9 grams, 9 grams of melon wilt skin, Amomum shell 4.5 g, peach kernel 9 grams, safflower 4.5 g, the leaves Di 9 grams, 9 grams pestle head bran, turmeric 9 grams, 6 grams of Jilin reference, 150 grams of raw land, Poria 60 grams, 60 grams of Pinellia song.
Method thick fried juice, blended with Baimi about 500 grams of honey collection refining cream.
Usage 1 tsp per serving, twice a day, warm boiled water.
Zuo Diet therapy
Barley water chestnut meat soup
Materials barley 12 g, 12 grams of water chestnuts, Tianqi 3 grams, 9 grams of Terminalia chebula, lean meat amount.
Practice shelled chestnut, myrobalan, Tianqi broken, the home of various drugs and the lean meat in the pot, add water and cook until meat rotten, eat once a day.
Effect barley is rich in protein, wheat gluten, fat, oil and starch, with Terminalia, Tianqi students new blood, water chestnut have their own role in cancer. This soup during treatment for esophageal cancer as an adjunct to diet. Five participants cream sauce
Materials longan meat 30 grams, fresh reed rhizome 60 grams, sugar cane, Sydney, 60 grams of juice, ginger 15 grams juice, ginseng and 30 g, 300 ml of milk, honey taste.
Approach to ginseng, reed rhizome, longan water 400 ml, boil 50 – 80 ml, set jar, then add all sauce, ranch into a gel, transferred to a small mixing honey extract, swallowing ( informal time).
Effect Qingwei moistening, nourishing yin qi.
The Diet Prescription, born out of the "Cold House Medical Talks" Ye Ge cream recipe, the original best man, milk, milk, juice, reed rhizome, ginseng juice, pear juice, longan gravy, sugar cane juice each decile, total less ginger, honey amount. Good governance Xueku it dry, nausea Ye Ge. Gan bitter ginseng tepid, to Qi and spleen; pear willing to slightly acidic and cool, to fluid dry phlegm; reed rhizome Gan Han, can heat vomiting; longan sweet warm, can Yipi blood; sweet and sugar cane cold, can stomach fluid; ginger Xin Wen, to vomiting phlegm, cure Yege nausea; honey willing, be able to fill in detoxification. Diet for the various types of advanced esophageal cancer adjuvant therapy.

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