Trinity Green pancreatic cancer therapy

By | October 10, 2011

"Trinity Green pancreatic cancer therapy," Introduction: Pancreatic cancer-specific broad-spectrum anti-cancer drug + drugs + trace element products.
1, the pancreatic cancer-specific drugs (Fu-sheng capsule, deer grass jelly compound particles, anti-cancer flat balls): the use of specific drugs for pancreatic cancer treatment, to effectively control the lesions and reduce digestive symptoms such as obstruction and swallowing, currently in clinical most effective first-line drugs, no side effects, can effectively avoid the "combat poison with poison medicine" for patients with advanced pancreatic cancer weak direct damage, so you can treat these drugs as the drug of choice for pancreatic cancer.
 ,,,2, pancreatic cancer effects of drugs (pain grams): is currently in advanced cancer patients preferred magnetic drug, the drug use is the latest generation of transdermal technology, rapid directional drugs directly through the skin lesions of patients with dysphagia to improve, inparticular, that this operation can not be late radiotherapy chemotherapy Friends also made good effect.
 3, broad-spectrum anti-cancer drugs (oral Xiaoaiping compound cantharidin capsule Xiaoaiping film, Ai Kang Fu will relieve oral solution): The broad-spectrum anti-cancer drugs and treatment not only can strengthen the entire digestive system cancer at the same time effective control of blood and lymph node metastasis and cancer cells of the body of free huge role in the killing, so the transfer has been transferred or have not yet found in patients, it is best to kill cancer cells and useful free treatment drugs, free of cancer cells to reduce or kill the rehabilitation of the patients also can effectively prevent the proliferation and metastasis of cancer cells.Of course, for the weak, poor gastrointestinal function in patients with pancreatic cancer drug selected drugs must pay attention to drug safety, in order to prevent improper medication to the patient's condition worse.
Oncology hospital treatment of cancer has many years of professional experience and history, and have senior experts in the treatment of patients with well-developed program, different patients with different auxiliary agents and trace elements, through our extensive clinical observation, oral liquid herbal Xiaoaiping relatively mild, good physique, and swallowing difficulties for patients to take.6In general, quick capsule compound cantharidin, the effect is better, but for taking the drug every6months to conduct a course of detoxification, so you can avoid the side effects of long-term use, and now the country can not grasp this detoxification method several hospitals, we remind the friends in the purchase of medicines when the majority of patients will choose professional hospital compound on the market today, some three hundred dollars cantharidin capsules before a course, do not covet the moment because the cheap and regret for life.Efficacy and stability Xiaoaiping tablets, side effects are small.According to the specific conditions of patients under the guidance of experts in our chosen medication.
 4, trace element supplement and enhance the body immunity to improve their disease resistance (Western oral Ganoderma lucidum, amino acids, such as oral solution and oral OVA dysphagia, especially those patients taking more convenient): Western Ganoderma oral solution (U.S. imports mixture of ginseng and Ganoderma lucidum) can inhibit tumor growth on the human body to reduce chemotherapy side effects, improve patient's appetite, loss of appetite, especially for patients who have a significant effect.Full complement of amino acids in patients with oral trace elements, improve the immunity of patients with resistance to cancer patients for all phases of long-term use.Liquid egg albumin in patients with extremely low for optimal immunity, particularly those vulnerable patients with cold low-protein, have a good role and efficacy.

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