Dialectic of cancer medicine

By | October 11, 2011

Dialectic of cancer medicine
A dialectic of cancer medicine, China universe gasification
China has a very unique concept for other free nation, that the "gas" concept. Chinese people as the integrity of the universe, endless loop, and then the whole world, human life, and even individual's physical integrity is also considered, endless loop.
Second, the Chinese medicine concept of body
Development of gasification by the Chinese cosmology to medicine, there is a very important concept is the so-called "blood circulation" concept. As long as we maintain a state of blood circulation, to express our endless life, if the blood is not circulating, Chinese medicine called "Qi stagnation and blood stasis," said some parts of obstruction, making the recycling process is not complete, people will get sick. The therapy of acupuncture, bleeding, medication, or cupping, with its final purpose is to complete the "blood circulation."
Third, the causes of cancer
Blood circulation there is no way to reach people when they sick, cancer is one of many diseases, but it is a more serious illness, cancer patients with greater blood circulation problems, as it formed tumors, causing obstruction, hindrance to the overall cycle large, Chinese medicine practitioners to treat cancer as stagnant.
Fourth, to cure cancer
Dialectic of cancer medicine, Western medicine to attack cancer means that surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other treatment directly, while the Chinese will seize the offensive and make up, diarrhea three principles. Dialectic of cancer medicine, the first to explore the causes of tumor formation, for reasons to attack on the rule of law is strong medicine, to improve the method of attack was finished after the meeting, fill it until the means to diarrhea.
Fifth, the treatment principles of Chinese medicine
Chinese medicine will be physical as a small universe, all the internal organs, liver, kidney, spleen, stomach, heart, small intestine, lung, and colon, not only interacts each other yin and yang, the relationship between a more functional, leaving "blood circulation" can be reached. Chinese medicine to cure cancer, adopted a "yin and yang," the intuitive rules, the whole yin and yang, Tai Chi, is from the navel (belly) started to take the spine perimeter yin and yang, qi and blood, the organs within, of which there are two major systems: the liver renal system – this as the birth of gas, come from the genetic parents, not make, have to rely on rest and recuperate. Stomach system – This is the day after tomorrow nutrients by diet to maintain.
Sixth, the diagnosis of cancer medicine
Consultation by Chinese medicine practitioners face, tongue, signs of pulse found sick, as long as there is life, practitioners must seek medical treatment, the majority of cancer patients, cold constitution, that is, those weak stomach, cold and heat on the nail body can be buds a glimpse or two, if all ten fingers are hot finger marks the constitution, ten fingers, six that have partial finger marks were already cold constitution, if there are finger marks only the thumb is a physical Big Chill, Indigestion severe stasis should be excluded from an important qualification, is not necessarily a virtual free fill. Another tongue can also be seen from many of the symptoms, such as the tongue, the main heart and tongue were very bright dark red, usually with insomnia, the tongue on the edge of the main hepatic easy bruising, purpura are usually qi flow, like a bad mood fail to materialize, in the liver, and there will be stasis, and the tongue of the central main stomach, which if marks or lines, usually due to more rapid drinking or eating, stomach hurt, if the birth is the tongue, there are many lines easy to have food allergies, can not eat cheese, milk, etc., but if the light white or yellow tongue coating, then is normal, if the tongue is thick, and in the center, then the appetite has been bad. If the thickness of the tongue fur, and even may have a difficult defecation.
Seven Chinese dialectic of cancer, cancer patients with good health
Not only cancer patients, all should pay more attention in the daily life of self-cultivation, drug use is a last resort, and self-cultivation from the diet, sleep, exercise three times: diet, eat cold foods, raw fruits and vegetables in general more cold . Eat less difficult to digest proteins, such as shrimps and crabs. Also bear in mind the amount of food to eat breakfast good enough to eat lunch, dinner, eat less, eat supper principle. Another pineapple has a clear effect. Multi-winter tonic with ginger, eat sea cucumbers, whole grains, millet and so on.

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