Does Masturbation Hurt The Body?

By | June 10, 2011

masturbation immoral
Masturbation involving the body’s most private parts hidden, so the choice of the time and place to ask is not is not the town. If young people the habit of masturbation, though not deliberately suppressed, can be regarded as a normal physiological process, but the frequency of masturbation to make themselves feel more “restless”, it should be research to find physicians or counselors to ease the impulse approach. 

Masturbation is often thought to hurt the body and immoral. With medical advances, human beings have a better understanding of the body, slowly masturbation is an acceptable course of early development, its role is to make early learning of humans to act is through the stimulation of late way to solve the psychological pressure. Without prejudice to others, do not attack the case of the opposite sex through masturbation to relieve sexual impulses, which unmarried men and women, the reverse be a clean way of self-vent. For the past masturbation, cause impotence or damage to the body of the misunderstanding has now changed, nocturnal emission, but at least the overflow of the natural phenomenon, and will not harm the body.

Expert A: masturbation frequency varies; some people think too much sex or masturbation too often will cause physical discomfort. In fact, the body itself will make the best adjustment to the situation as the solution will be three times a day and once all three days is normal sexual intercourse is the same, several times a day and a few days is normal frequency. Several times within a day can allow masturbation, but also with the individual, but the sex drive once fiber solutions, it will not happen for a long while, so masturbation does not necessarily limit the number down.

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