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Cancer Intervention

Cancer of the conventional treatment, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and Chinese medicine treatment, cancer intervention with minimally invasive, low cost, safety, efficacy and good, especially for those patients with inoperable tumors, tumor intervention has increasingly shown out its position in cancer therapy. Interventional therapy of cancer: Intervention by the tumor blood vessels can be divided… Read More »

The symptoms of pancreatic cancer and coping methods

In recent years, the incidence of pancreatic cancer showed an increasing trend, many patients are unprepared for pancreatic cancer, here we work together to find out what the symptoms of pancreatic cancer and ways to cope. According to clinical experience, the symptoms of pancreatic cancer are: 1, upper abdomen, Cullen or right upper quadrant colic,… Read More »

Raw Vegetables and EHEC Risk

May 15, the German state of Lower Saxony, 83-year-old woman symptoms of severe intestinal bleeding and was rushed to hospital. 7 days later, she died in the hospital. No one expected, a severe outbreak of this kicked off. Just a few days, more than 1,000 patients in Germany show different levels of intestinal bleeding, ascites… Read More »

Does Masturbation Hurt The Body?

Masturbation involving the body’s most private parts hidden, so the choice of the time and place to ask is not is not the town. If young people the habit of masturbation, though not deliberately suppressed, can be regarded as a normal physiological process, but the frequency of masturbation to make themselves feel more “restless”, it… Read More »