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Golgi trafficking controlled by G-proteins

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The study is reported online April 9 in Developmental Cell. “Our work provides the first direct evidence that G proteins are signaling on membranes inside cells, not just at the cell surface as has been widely believed for several decades,” said Pradipta Ghosh, MD, associate professor and senior author…

Mutant models to identify cancer mutations

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While this may sound like the setup to some late-night nerd sketch, researchers have taken this premise and applied it to an increasingly cumbersome problem in modern biology, namely, finding meaning in the rising oceans of genomic data. …

Cancer patients should not hesitate to speak with their doctors about dietary supplements

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This gap in communication can happen when patients believe that their doctors are indifferent or negative toward their use of these supplements. As a result, patients may find information about dietary supplements from unreliable sources, exposing themselves to unneeded risks. Since information on these dietary supplements is limited, researchers from the University of Texas Medical Branch describe a practical patient-centered approach to managing dietary supplement use in cancer care in a review article. Improving the communication between patient and doctor in this area is critical. …

Signals found that recruit host animals’ cells, enabling breast cancer metastasis — ScienceDaily

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source : http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/05/140522175637.htm

Death of public figures provides important opportunities for health education — ScienceDaily

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source : http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/04/140421135922.htm

Young women continue using tanning beds, despite awareness of health risks — ScienceDaily

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source : http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/02/140205165541.htm

Impeding communication between cancer tissue, immune cells with new molecule — ScienceDaily

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source : http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/01/140129114932.htm

New — and reversible — cause of aging: Naturally produced compound rewinds aspects of age-related demise in mice

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The essence of this finding is a series of molecular events that enable communication inside cells between the nucleus and mitochondria. …

Physicians who prefer hospice care for themselves more likely to discuss it with patients

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"Having timely discussions with terminally-ill cancer patients to establish goals for end-of-life care is important to maximize the quality of patient care. But by and large we’re not doing a good job at having these discussions early on," says lead author Garrett Chinn, MD, MS, of the Massachusetts General Hospital Division of General Medicine. "We know that patients facing terminal illness often wish to spend their remaining days at home, surrounded by loved ones. Since end-of-life care in the U.S…

Videos more effective than texts in getting women to take action against breast cancer risks

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The study shows the importance of translating complex scientific information, like recent findings in breast cancer risk research, into information that the average person can understand, and hopefully act upon. …