Early signs of testicular cancer

By | April 7, 2012

Early signs of testicular cancer, testicular cancer is more common in men, a tumor, accounting for 1% -2 male malignancies%. Occult its onset, early symptoms was not obvious, once the obvious symptoms, often to the middle and late. If early detection can greatly improve the chances of cure. If that is not timely, then often quickly transfer, life-threatening.
According to clinical statistics analysis, the following situations are susceptible to testicular cancer:

  1. Born with one or both testicles were not falling into the scrotum. If one does not fall into the patient’s risk of suffering from testicular cancer will increase 4-5 times: if the two were not caught, 10 times. However, if the problem can be corrected before the age of 10, will be dangerous.
  2. The father or brother with testicular cancer history, cancer incidence will increase by 50 times.
  3. The end of early spring may also increase the incidence of testicular cancer.
  4. Virus and bacterial infection complicated by orchitis.

Early signs of testicular cancer, testicular cancer, an early manifestation of (5) Long-term exposure to certain chemicals and radiation are. Children received early signs of cancer are:

One side of a prominent and particularly significant testicular swelling, enlargement of the shape of the uniform, not hate rules.
A front or side in the testis can feel a pea-sized lump.
A painless testicular increase. About 80% of patients there may be significantly enlarged in the early stage, but not with pain, even when you apply some pressure to the touch, nor the sense of falling when there is this sense of falling due to the growth of the tumor at re-power the income due to the weight of children.
A hard testicular texture change. Increase in testicular volume at the same time, often become hardened smooth, loss of flexibility, touch like pebbles, but the pressure without pain.

One by one intra-abdominal mass or lump in the groin, accompanied by low back pain, frequent urination, urgency embolism.
One by one with acute testicular pain, bed rest after antibiotic treatment, and more than two weeks, like improved or continue to develop.

A testicle light test was negative. Torch light for the kill pill test, do not suggest the possibility of tumor. This is because testicular tumors grow dense solid, liquid, and even some small amount of testicular cancer has been associated with bow effusion, due to less fluid set, light test also was negative.
One by one unexplained breast enlargement in men. This may have testicular cancer will be feedback, increased estrogen to stimulate breast Erzhi its size. In order to achieve early testicular cancer, from the onset of puberty, male breast examination should be the same as women, flying a small check for his testicles.

Testicular self-examination is:

  1. once a month, preferably after the bath or shower, under normal circumstances, when the scrotum compare relaxation.
  2. palm hold the scrotum with your fingers to check. First, we must understand their own weight and size of testes or less, under normal circumstances, one testicle slightly larger than the other, slightly lower down too.
  3. testicles gently with your finger to scroll through the top and bottom of each testicle has a hose attached to generation is called, it is not unusual lumps. If there are no lumps or swollen testicles are smooth and strong.
    Early signs of testicular cancer,
  4. If both testicles in the size or weight is obviously not between, with large differences, we should be cautious, as soon as possible to the hospital for further examination.

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