6 major cause of ovarian cancer risk factors

By | April 7, 2012

6 major cause of ovarian cancer risk factors, (1) early menarche, late menopause. Animal tests showed that after ovulation ovarian epithelial hyperplasia rapidly, ovulation points around the mitotic activity, reports that women lifetime ovulatory cycles more, the occurrence of ovarian cancer risk greater, therefore, menarche early, late menopause is ovarian cancer the risk factors.
(2) unmarried, not education, not breast-feeding. Research shows that unmarried, not sterile (infertile) is risk factor for ovarian cancer, primary infertility compared to women and by pregnant women, the risk of the former is 1.7 times higher than the latter, and the longer the infertility, the the greater the risk, duration of infertility more than 15 years, the risk of ovarian cancer was significantly increased. Pregnancy can reduce ovarian cancer risk occurs, motherhood times and accumulated more months of pregnancy, the risk of ovarian cancer, the less. For the first time the strongest protective effect of pregnancy to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer up to 40%, miscarriage, stillbirth and ectopic pregnancy can also reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.
Breastfeeding can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer, particularly within six months postpartum, the strongest protective effect, gradually weakened after six months, the longer the cumulative breast-feeding, the stronger the protection.
Pregnancy and lactation reduces ovarian cancer mechanism is inhibition of ovulation and inhibition of pituitary gonadotropin secretion, play a protective role.
6 major cause of ovarian cancer risk factors (3) high fat diet. High animal fat intake increases the risk of ovarian cancer, such as the daily consumption of whole milk, can also increase the risk of ovarian cancer, drinking more, the greater the risk, and drinking skim milk, the risk reduction . The mechanism can be dangerous: first, effects of animal fat to play through some of its carcinogenic effect of hormones, such as animal fat intake in the role of intestinal bacteria produce estrogen, and estrogen stimulate the ovarian cancer; II animal fat within the polycyclic hydrocarbons, carcinogenic in animals ovary: three animal fat intake, change the host's immune function, increase the life of cancer hair.
(4) cancer family history. Ovarian cancer has a familial aggregation tendencies, family history of ovarian cancer risk factors, addition, breast cancer, endometrial cancer and cancer family history, but also risk factors.
(5) exposure to talc and asbestos. Experimental studies have shown that talc and asbestos may be transitional in the abdominal cavity, resulting in ovarian epithelial dysplasia, thereby increasing the risk of ovarian. Overseas study found that asbestos workers a lower incidence of ovarian cancer so that people high.
(6) exposure to benzene chemicals. Polycyclic aromatic dimethyl benzo Jing Yan, benzo chemical substances, on the follicle may have a direct toxic effect, may increase the risk of ovarian cancer, in the paint-employed women, the risk of ovarian cancer than the average person.
6 major cause of ovarian cancer risk factors, all women with these risk factors, should take the appropriate measures for pre-nursing, properly regulate the diet, avoid contact with talc, asbestos, benzene and other chemical substances, both to the hospital regularly to allow early detection , early diagnosis and early treatment burden. Take appropriate contraceptive measures also help prevent the occurrence of ovarian cancer, such as oral drugs or price cuts hysterectomy, tubal sterilization.

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