Early manifestation of laryngeal cancer

By | April 7, 2012

Early manifestation of laryngeal cancer, laryngeal cancer is more common ENT, the incidence rate of about 1% of body -5% cancer, 95% occur in the age of 50-70 years of age in the elderly. More men than women, according to statistics, male and female incidence of 8-16 times.
Many men suffering from throat cancer, primarily with some of the following factors: First, a large man, vital capacity, high articulation subglottal pressure, vocal weight heavier than females, and thus vulnerable; Second, men smoking, paid more than wine According to statistics, 97% of patients with laryngeal cancer alcohol "addicts", the long-term smoking and pay too much wine, likely to cause congestion and inflammation of the vocal cord damage, and thus trigger vocal cord squamous cell carcinoma; third is a long and hazardous gas exposure, so that the throat was spicy: four is excessive sadness, depressed, angry, but also can cause throat discomfort, these are important factors in risk of laryngeal cancer.
Early manifestation of early laryngeal cancer laryngeal high misdiagnosis rate, because only the throat, hoarseness and other symptoms, easily overlooked or misdiagnosed as common cold, chronic sore throat. Therefore, if some of the following symptoms should be on high alert:
Appeared one by one poor swallow, and swallow the feeling is not clean, conventional antibiotic therapy can not control:
Appeared one by a hoarse voice, speech tone, or words to those containing audio materials:
One by one always coughing or choking, cough medicine does not work:
Mass in the neck one by one found by anti-inflammatory treatment can not be dissipated;
One by one long throat pain when swallowing, pain radiation to the ear, such as cough and bloody sputum.
Early manifestation of laryngeal cancer, the above symptoms, especially heavy smoking, long-term reward of wine in the elderly if the above symptoms, immediately to the hospital for laryngoscopy, for the early diagnosis and early treatment.

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