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Soy sauce overdose sends man into coma

A young man who drank a quart of soy sauce went into a coma and nearly died from an excess of salt in his body, according to a recent case report. The 19-year-old, who drank the soy sauce after being dared by friends, is the first person known to have deliberately overdosed on such a high amount of salt and survived with no lasting neurological problems, according to the doctors in Virginia who reported his case. The case report was published online June 4 in the Journal of Emergency Medicine. Too much salt in the blood, a condition called hypernatremia, is usually seen in people with psychiatric conditions who develop a strong appetite for the condiment, said Dr. David J. Carlberg, who treated the young man and works as an emergency medicine physician at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C. Hypernatremia is dangerous because it causes the brain to lose water. When there is too much saltin the bloodstream, water moves out of the body tissues and into the blood by the process of osmosis, to try to equalize the salt concentration between the two. As water the leaves the brain, the organ can shrink and bleed, Carlberg said. After the man drank the soy sauce, he began twitching and having seizures, and the friends took him to an emergency room. That hospital administered anti-seizure medication, and he was already in a coma when he was taken to the hospital where Carlberg was working, the University of Virginia Medical Center, nearly four hours after the event. “He didn't respond to any of the stimuli that we gave him,” Carlberg said. “He had some clonus, which is just elevated reflexes. It's a sign that basically the nervous system wasn't working very well.” The team immediately began flushing the salt out of his system by administering a solution of water and the sugar dextrose through a nasal tube. When they placed the tube, streaks of brown material came out. Within a half hour, they pumped 1.5 gallons (6 liters) of sugar water into the man's body. The man's sodium levels returned to normal after about five hours. He remained in a coma for three days, but woke up on his own. For several days afterward, a part of his brain called the hippocampus showed residual effects from the seizures. But a month after the event, he showed no sign of the overdose: He was back at college, and doing well on his exams, doctors reported. A typical quart of soy sauce has more than 0.35 pounds (0.16 kilograms) of salt, the researchers said. Most cases of sodium overdose happen more gradually. In the 1960s and 1970s, doctors actually gave salt to patients suffering from poisoning, to initiate vomiting, until they realized its harmful effects. Though it's rare in the United States, consuming excess salt was a traditional method for suicide in ancient China, according to the case report. Carlberg said he believes the young man survived because the team got his sodium levels down so quickly. “We were more aggressive than had been reported before in terms of bringing his sodium back down to a safer range,” Carlberg said. Reducing sodium levels more slowly has had poor or mixed results in the past, he said. Copyright 2013 LiveScience, a TechMediaNetwork company. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.source :

Woman attempting to live on nothing but water and sunlight for 6 months

A Seattle woman is attempting to live without food for six months -- planning to sustain herself on water and sunlight alone. Navenna Shine is calling her experiment “Living on Light.” “This is a paradigm for living in which we as human beings do not have to ingest any kind of food whatsoever into our stomachs in order to thrive,” Shine said. Shine, 65, says her experiment is an attempt to follow an obscure group of yogis called The Breatharians, who for thousands of years have claimed they have the ability to live on light alone. “At 'Living On Light' we propose that we have a nutritional source already embedded within our body/mind/spiritual systems that can give us exactly what we need to be healthy and well,” Shine wrote on her website. “Since we do not yet know exactly what that source is I am symbolically calling it Light.” Thursday marked Shine’s 33rd day without food, although she has lost more than 20 pounds. In order to verify that she is indeed sticking to the diet, Shine has placed several cameras throughout her house to keep a record of the experiment.  She also hopes to begin live-streaming her experience within the next few weeks. Click for more from My Fox 8. To follow Shine's updates, visit her Facebook page.source :

What are the signs and symptoms of a blood clot

Blood clots in the brain can cause strokes. There are four types of accidents. Two unrelated to blood clots and are caused by bleeding from a blood vessel or artery (subarachnoid hemorrhage or cerebral). The other two types of strokes are caused by blood clots. These are called thrombosis and cerebral embolism. An accident is precipitated by a thrombus (clot)… Read More »

Treatments for breast cancer in women

Treatments for breast cancer in women Treatments for breast cancer in women includes the following sections: Surgical treatment Radiation therapy Medication Endocrine Therapy Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery The basis of breast cancer treatment is surgery, but the combination therapy used in conjunction with radiation therapy, and medication (hormonal therapy and chemotherapy). The choice of method or methods of… Read More »

Pain Treatment of Osteoporosis

Pain Treatment of Osteoporosis The osteoporosis is a disease more common in women after menopause, although it is typical of older persons of both sexes. It is a very common cause of pain, because osteoporotic bones lose their strength by the loss of calcium, and will produce small cracks in them, which is what actually… Read More »

Healthy weight for women

Make no mistake: the obesity and overweight is not a question of aesthetics or fashion, are diseases! . And they are real and serious diseases, especially obesity. Being obese shortens our life (we will die before) and put us at risk for many diseases , including diabetes, cerebral infarcts, the CARDIAC INFARCTION ANGINA and, and… Read More »

Intimate Surgery

Within the set of operations called “Intimate surgery”, the most commonly known is one that involves the labia minora. Indeed, it is increasingly the consultation by the exaggerated size of the labia minora and the possibility of aesthetic correction without forgetting that sometimes are also other factors that lead to the consultation, in addition to… Read More »

Breast augmentation before and after

Breast augmentation before and after The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery (AAAMS) wants to communicate to patients carrying the PIP prosthesis, surgeons who have implanted responsible health authorities and associations affected their position on this issue that affects us all. The US Association of Aesthetic Surgery – scientific organization formed by plastic surgeons members… Read More »

Vaginal Discharge

  Is it normal vaginal discharge? Yes glands inside the vagina and cervix produce small amounts of liquid. This fluid flows out of the vagina each day, carrying out old cells that have lined the vagina. This is the way the body to keep the vagina healthy and clean. The flow is usually clear or milky in color… Read More »