How to avoid three types of cancer (breast, cervix and prostate)

By | July 5, 2013

DISCOVERY: Become a mammogram at age 40 is dangerous but the PSA is even worse.So just updated the recommendations for cancer screening.


How to Avoid 3 types of cancer

  • Breast cancer

Mammography can detect slow-growing tumors that would not cause any problem, even without treatment. These harmless tumors are treated as if they were lethal because they look alike to mortals on mammography. Unfortunately one of three women with breast cancer treated unnecessarily.

Recently the recommendation to start mammograms at age 40 has been delayed until 50 and do it instead of annually, is preferable only every two years. Additionally they were asked doctors not teach their patients the breast self-examination to be unhelpful and causing unnecessary scares.

  • Cervical cancer

For women between 21 and 30 years, cytology every 2 years instead of every year is the new recommendation. In young women are common precancerous lesions appearance but disappear on their own without treatment. When these lesions cytology gynecologist is removed with the procedures that can damage the cervix and cause problems when pregnant as preterm delivery and cesarean need.

Women over 30 with three normal Pap tests may be repeated every 3 years. Those aged 65 or hysterectomy with three normal Pap smears can stop having the test completely.

  • Prostate Cancer

At 61 years (age of the President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos) half of men have prostate cancer and if you never measure PSA can live happily, unaware and die of other causes many years later. Only a small fraction of prostate cancers cause symptoms, much less death.

Most cancers detected with PSA grow slowly, causing little damage. The problem is that even with the help of the biopsy, there is no way of knowing which are very aggressive and can be left unnoticed for decades.

Although vigilant is an option for men with prostate cancer, the vast majority prefer aggressive treatment.

Surgery and radiation treatment can cause impotence or incontinence. So the doctor himself who discovered the PSA said it was a disaster use for cancer detection. Recently, the USPSTF has updated its recommendations. Now tell your dad not to do that test.

Medical recommendations

Although originally used to lose weight and prevent diabetes, various doctors found that patients taking Metformin did not suffer from cancer. They quickly became studies demonstrating its effectiveness. Even a small dose (250 mg / day) is helpful in preventing cancer.

It is difficult for physicians and patients accept that not all cancers need to be detected.

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