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Potent mechanism helps viruses shut down body’s defense system against infection

Published in the August issue of the journal Cell Host and Microbe, the findings describe a novel mechanism that this group of so-called "enveloped viruses" uses to disarm the host’s innate immune response. The mechanism the scientists uncovered is based on these viruses activating a class of molecules, known as TAM receptors, which are located on the outside of certain immune cells…

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Molecule drives aggressive breast cancer

The scientists found that excess activity of this gene — EYA1 — also enhances development of breast cancer stem cells that promote resistance to cancer therapy, recurrence, and poor survival. Because EYA1 is an enzyme, the scientists are now working to identify a natural compound that could shut down EYA1 activity, says Richard Pestell, M.D., Ph.D., Director of Kimmel Cancer Center. …

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Trinity green therapy of lung cancer

"Trinity green therapy of lung cancer," Introduction: Lung cancer-specific anti-cancer drug + drugs + broad-spectrum trace element products. 1Lung cancer-specific drugs (oral and Qingfei Jinfukang Sanjie pill): The treatment of lung cancer-specific drugs targeted to achieve effective control of foci and reduce the symptoms of lung cancer.Currently specializes in the treatment of lung cancer-specific oral drug […]

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