What harm pregnant women adds to the growing low-fat yogurt?

By | September 20, 2011
Two Pregnant Women

Pregnant Women

Recently, according to a HarvardUniversity study found that early, excessive intake of low-fat dairy products and increased risk of infertility. However, according to the British “Daily Mail” the latest report, the European Respiratory Society 2011 Annual Meeting announced the completion of a new HarvardUniversity study found that mothers often drink low-fat yogurt will also increase the risk of asthma in children in the future risks.

Harvard University School of Public Health researchers analyzed more than 60,000 women in the diet during pregnancy, and children of these women had follow-up survey, until the child 7 years of age. The results showed that drinking milk helps prevent asthma. However, low-fat yogurt (especially low-fat yogurt with fruit) has the opposite effect. The mother during pregnancy ads to the growing low-fat yogurt for children occurred before the age of 7 60%increased risk of asthma, and its hay fever (hay fever) incidence rate three times higher than other children did.

The researchers analyzed that the mother drank during pregnancy; low-fat yogurt will increase risk of child asthma and hay fever, which may be due to many factors. First, whole milk products containing fat may contribute to the development of fetal immune system, prevent the occurrence of allergic disease. Second, low-fat yogurt with fruit ingredients may increase the risk of asthma and hay fever. Third, pregnant women eat low-fat yogurt and other unhealthy habits themselves.

Experts suggest that pregnant women should maintain a balanced diet. Because the results of this study do not unworthy, do not drink milk. Drinking milk during pregnancy not only does not cause asthma in children, as well as helps delay the development of asthma.

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