Cancer diet notes

By | September 20, 2011

Notes cancer diet, avoid eating cold food, cool place and time than the noodles, milk, bowl of soup so do not drink. Because of the narrow parts of the esophagus is very clear on the cold stimulation, easily lead to esophageal spasm, nausea, vomiting, anesthesia and other pain and swelling feeling. So eat the warm food is good. Nutritious diet is the protection of patients.
Rehabilitation of cancer patients should pay attention to diet:
They cannot eat the acrid, hot, smelly, wake up the spicy food, because these foods can also cause esophageal spasm, so that patients have discomfort. When the patient a sense of choking, do not forcibly swallowing, otherwise it will stimulate the local blood cancer, proliferation, transfer, and pain. Should be in a serious choking or semi-liquid food liquid food.
Measures for the patient cannot eat:
For cancer patients cannot eat, intravenous nutrition should be taken to approach the input of nutrients the body needs to maintain the patient. That had been diagnosed early and mid-term comprehensive cancer patients should seize the opportunity to increase nutrition to patients, to patients with high protein and high vitamin soft food or semi-liquid food, as much as possible use of its gastrointestinal absorption and more nutrition, so that patients have a better physical condition in order to undergo surgery or chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
Experts Note: the above description, I hope to bring you some help. If your physical health symptoms of the emergence of a disease, do not delay diagnosis, should go to regular hospital, so as not to delay treatment, resulting in serious consequences.

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