A new era in treatment of cancer of immune cells

By | September 20, 2011

1996 Nobel Prize in Medicine winner of two experts have made: to deal with the disease, the human with the use of mercenaries (drugs), it is better to enhance their combat ability (immune system). With the human immune system itself to eliminate abnormal, the ability of tumor cells, but the job of the immune T cells recognize alien cells (virus-infected cells, tumor cell) and kill them, it’s based on this feature, scientists from the early before the start thinking about how to “command” T cells to attack cancer cells, but did not find the ideal way to suffer.
Bio-technology breakthrough cancer: leukemia patients recovered! The researchers believe that new therapies for the treatment of other cancers also provide a road map.
A new era in treatment of cancer of immune cells
Cancer treatment have to rely on “armed” self-
August 10, 2011, U.S. magazine reports, University of Pennsylvania gene therapy expert Carl Zhu Enli transformed with the patient’s own T cells cure two patients with advanced chronic lymphocytic leukemia, and created a new era of biological therapy for cancer.
U.S. scientists on the previous treatment did little to change: First, the patient’s body part out of T cells in vitro gene transformation into cancer gene identification, identification of tumor formation, “memory”, and a short time in vitro large population, the final reinfusion into the patient, long-term continued to kill all the cancer cells. Treatment has been very successful, an unnamed 64-year-old patient received only 23 days after implantation of T cells, the body of all cancer miraculously disappeared. A year later, two of whom have all the body to kill cancer cells, another subject of leukemia cells in vivo has been significantly reduced. Karl Zurn, these T cells is not as good as the sustained delivery of chemotherapy drugs, the cells are “alive, dynamic, constantly splitting medicine”, the first injection, long-lasting protection. This cutting-edge cancer treatment technology for bio-scientists shocked the world. Although this treatment is currently successfully treated three patients, is not for large-scale validation. However, this research has greatly encouraged the people, for the treatment of cancer has brought new hope.
The problem of cancer incidence in their “defensive loopholes”
According to WHO statistics, about 14 million cancer patients worldwide each year number about 700 million new cases of cancer a serious threat to human health, the author on the U.S. T-cell leukemia cure this major breakthrough, and the development of China’s status in the field, consultation 458 Hospital of Guangzhou, director of Cancer Biotherapy, chief physician Dr. Yang Fuqiang.
Yang said excitedly: “U.S. scientists have made in cancer treatment so successful, I feel great admiration and pleasure. T cell therapy technology’s success indicates a new era of cancer treatment is about to come.”
Yang Details: “T cells are the natural enemies of the tumor, is an autoimmune cells with tumor-specific antigen recognition and effective anti-cancer effect of U.S. scientists is based on the characteristics of T cells, the first patient out of the body part of the T cells were genetically modified in vitro, and then import the identification of tumor genes, identify the formation of tumors of the ‘memory’, and multiply in vitro within a short time, the final reinfusion into the patient, to achieve long-term continued to kill all cancer cells. This in vitro cell separation, screening, the proliferation of technology requires not only the high demands of operators, but also to high stringent laboratory is currently the only U.S. laboratory with individual T-cell technology, as far as I know, the country has No one laboratory and research institutions can do the technology. ”
Yang said: “At present, the immune cells in cancer therapy in general is still in its infancy, we are engaged in research in this area hospital earlier, but also T-cell technology for screening, isolation and cloning research, the technology is the United States successful treatment of leukemia is currently the technology, and the University of Washington affiliated Fred Hutchin-son Cancer Center technology comparable, I believe that T-cells to cure cancer just around the corner. “In fact, people’s lives every day dealing with the tumor cells, according to statistics, the normal every day due to external factors, resulting in mutant cells 1000-2000, when decreased immunity, the body’s T cells showed defects, these variations can not identify and kill cells. Over time, sometimes up to 10 years, the accumulation of mutant cells eventually develop into cancer, so cancer incidence is rooted in self-prevention mechanism to a “loophole.”
Rule governing the tumor had to “root” of the treatment of relapse prevention
Currently rely mainly on the treatment of cancer surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, recurrence and metastasis is still not resolved the long-term treatment of bottlenecks, the reason is not fundamental to kill tumor cells. Yang Fuqiang Director said: “After surgery, body weakness, and cancer chemotherapy drugs and radiation in killing tumor cells while normal cells will be destruction, leading to decreased immunity, the tumor cells more vulnerable to attack again, so to prevent illness recurrence, the most critical is to re-adjust the therapeutic strategies in cancer patients for surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy at the same time, focus on adapting and enhancing the body’s immune system to rebuild the patient’s immune defense mechanisms of cancer, in order to fundamentally cure cancer. ”
Finally, Yang Fuqiang director, said: “daily life, on strengthening the immune system in many ways, I think, a more secure way, sweeping the three major conventional therapy after a large number of tumor cells, and then the immune cell therapy technology to improve the patient’s immune cells and reduce side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, removal of residual tumor cells, prevent tumor metastasis, recurrence, so as to achieve ‘economic priorities with’, ‘icing on the cake’ effect. ”
According to statistics, the United States, some European countries and China’s Beijing, Guangdong and other provinces and cities in some hospitals, 10 years ago, the immune cell therapy for liver cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and nasopharyngeal cancer and other disease areas, to obtain significant clinical efficacy.

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