Early Pregnancy Abortion

By | September 23, 2011

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Negative pregnancy test: Also known as missed abortion or stillbirth high. Means the death of the embryo in the uterine cavity were still missed, and more generally the product of pregnancy resulting in symptoms after 1-2 months of discharge. Therefore, all the provisions of the embryo stops growing after 2 months not natural discharges, called missed abortion. Many pregnant women have been threatened abortion in early pregnancy; the uterus is no longer grown up since then, anti-gradually reduced, and not as soft as normal pregnancy. Becomes negative from the positive pregnancy test, the placenta and the uterine wall of the machine close adhesion, easily separated. On the other hand due to lack of sex hormones, uterine contraction is reduced and difficult to discharge and missed the uterine cavity. After the death of the embryo, placenta dissolved, resulting in hemolysis live enzymes into the maternal circulation, causing micro vascular coagulation, consume large amounts of clotting factors, missed the longer cavity, causing the greater the likelihood of coagulation dysfunction. In recent years B-widely used in clinical, menopause can be 6 to 7 weeks of exploration and sac, embryo bud. If the suspect and the embryo stops growing, the available B-observation, timely diagnosis and treatment. It was suggested that if the current term and then missed abortion, but also on clinical symptoms was not obvious, did not cause the patient attention to missed diagnosis of intrauterine fetal death when last longer.

Early Pregnancy Abortion

Early Pregnancy Abortion

Pregnancy reaction: in early pregnancy (menopause about six weeks) pregnant women human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) increased gastric acid secretion and gastric emptying time extension, resulting in dizziness, fatigue, loss of appetite, or aversion to greasy food like sour nausea, early morning vomiting, and a series of reactions, collectively known as the pregnancy reaction. These symptoms generally do not need special treatment, after 12 weeks of pregnancy, HCG levels drop as the body, symptoms disappear appetite back to normal. But to remind women that not all vomiting are early pregnancy reaction. As the hormones and lead to joint action of HCG produced by pregnant women in early pregnancy of pregnancy, each person will be based on physical differences between the different reactions to the pregnancy body changes. Popular that is not the same individual; the extent of reaction is not the same. Early pregnancy, menopause symptoms usually appear in 6 weeks to 3 months of pregnancy, this period of time.


Early pregnancy reaction: Early pregnancy that is the first performance of the menopause, childbearing age, the usual rules of the menstrual cycle, once the period expired 10 days or more, should be suspected pregnancy. If menopause has reached eight weeks of pregnancy is more likely. Menopause is a married woman may be the earliest and most important pregnancy symptoms. Of course, menopause is not necessarily a pregnancy. Lactating women with no recovery period may still be pregnant again.

Strict accordance with the instructions to operate, the findings are: in the test line position and line position of the control response to a red line appears, that there will be two red strips for the positive

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