The early signs of cancer

By | September 20, 2011

1. Esophageal signal :

A sense of choking when swallowing food, pain, and chest discomfort Fullness, esophageal foreign body sensation or pain in the upper abdomen.

Experts recommend preventive measures: do not eat moldy food; eat hot, hot food, tea, porridge is good to 50 degrees Celsius; to prevent water pollution, improve water quality; do not smoke, drink alcohol; supplement the body required trace elements; eat more fruits and vegetables, increased vitamin C intake.

Gastric Signal

Gastric Signal

2. The gastric signal:

Upper abdominal pain, commonly known as chest pain. Often normal in patients with early gastric cancer has been very good, and gradually found that the stomach (the equivalent of the upper abdomen) discomfort or pain, pain service, only the acid drugs cannot be alleviated, continued poor digestion.

Lung Signal

Lung Signal

3. Lung signal:

Irritating cough, bloody sputum and lung Cough or more growth in the bronchial wall, due to the growth of cancer cells, destruction of normal tissue structure, a strong stimulation of bronchial, cough. The antibiotics, cough medicine can not be a good relief, and gradually increased, with occasional bloody sputum and chest pain occur.

Breast cancer signal

Breast cancer signal

4. Breast cancer signal:

Normal female breast, soft, touch if non-menstrual breast tumor, and age, women over the age of 40, should consider the possibility of breast cancer.

Cervical Cancer Signal

Cervical Cancer Signal

5. Cervical cancer signal:

Normal women’s monthly menstruation, vaginal bleeding usually does not. Such as bleeding after sexual intercourse, the signal may be suffering from cervical cancer. Generally, small amount of bleeding after intercourse, abnormal vaginal bleeding may be found if the early stage cervical cancer.

Nasopharyngeal Signal

Nasopharyngeal Signal

6. Nasopharyngeal signal:

Nose to nose in the blood mainly with a small amount of blood stained, especially in early morning bloody nose, but also may be associated with nasal congestion, tinnitus, headache, especially migraine and other side.

7. Rectal signal:

Abdominal pain, tenesmus, blood in the stool of people all over the age of 30 abdominal discomfort, pain, bloating, change in bowel habits, there is a sense of falling, and stool, followed by anemia, fatigue, abdominal palpable mass, should consider the possibility of colorectal cancer . One site along the intestine was limited, intermittent pain is the first colorectal cancer alarm signal.

8. Liver signal:

Pain under right rib pain under right rib is often called liver pain; pain is common in this part of hepatitis, cholecystitis, liver cirrhosis, and liver cancer. Insidious onset of liver cancer, the rapid development, some patients Youlei bitterly for months before being diagnosed with liver cancer.

9. Intracranial tumor signal:

Headache, vomiting and headache occurred in the morning or evening, often before the amount, after the occipital and both sides of obvious. Nothing to do with eating and vomiting, often with the headache intensified, there. Headache, and vomiting are common symptoms of brain tumors, intracranial tumors should be considered as danger signals.

10. Other cancer signals:

Long-term unexplained fever hematopoietic system cancers such as lymphoma, leukemia, often fever phenomenon. Clinical manifestations of malignant lymphoma progressive painless lymph nodes in the lymph nodes at the same time, the patient may include fever, weight loss, anemia and other symptoms. Therefore, the long-term unexplained fever should be suspected hematopoietic malignancies of the signal.

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