What causes blood clots during periods

By | June 7, 2011

What is the menstrual blood clots?
We find the time, the reasons for blood clots, it is important to understand what these blood clots. In normal times, the same blood flow. The other hand, semi-solid nature of blood clots, look like a gelatinous mass. These blood clots in the period with red blood cells, white blood cells, and all the people in fibrin gel with anti-clotting platelets.

What causes blood clots during periods

What causes blood clots during periods

Cause blood clots
When the blood discharged from the uterus through the vagina, it may form a mass of uterine tissue. These clumps but contains old blood clots from the uterus lining of the blood coagulation along the endometrium. These blood clots as one of the natural way to control the bleeding. Therefore, a universal experience of heavy menstrual bleeding in most of the day, these blood clots. The body to release anti-clotting agent, to help prevent blood clotting. Therefore, it helps maintain normal blood flow of liquid consistency. However, the most important day of menstrual bleeding, anti-clotting agent, did not have time to prevent blood clotting. This leads to the formation of thrombus.These blood clots include unfertilized eggs, endometrial tissue and blood. Sometimes, lie down or sleep, when a man stood up, they found themselves through the blood clots. This may occur because the blood can not flow down, and has been condensed in the body. At that moment the woman stood up, blood clots have the opportunity to get rid of the body. In some cases, hormonal imbalances can also cause blood clots. In estrogen and progesterone can cause fluctuations in the level quickly get rid of the endometrium. This will lead to blood clots, and blood flow release. This situation is very common for women who like women with polycystic ovary syndrome from the suffering of the hormone problem, although recently menopausal women, or who is going through the fertility of women.

When a pregnant woman, uterus and expansion, to a large size to accommodate the growing fetus. After delivery, uterine contraction take some time to recover to its original size. As the uterus is still larger than it usually is, it will lead to focus on his own blood. This led to the formation of blood clots during menstruation after. Another serious problem is endometriosis in women’s health. This is a very painful condition often grow on the endometrium, such as the fallopian tubes and uterine ligaments and pelvic area support of other organs and other organs. Just like every normal menstrual cycle, hormones can cause this endometrium. Endometrial tissue within the uterus will bleed, and in vitro through the vagina. However, more and more fabric in other parts of the body will be shed, have no place to abandon their own. Therefore, the blood will remain in the abdominal cavity, leading to the formation of scar tissue. This will result in time, inflammation, pain and a lot of blood clots passed.

Time of blood clots, normal?
I am sure you are worried about whether there is a normal blood clot or fail. Relax. Blood clots during menstruation is considered to be normal. About a quarter of the normal blood clot or less in size. They are very small, probably collapsed in the blood occasionally. Blood clots do not often observe a period of time may occur again. Clots can become very normal, if their large scale. If a person is experiencing a number of clots, suggesting that some potential health barriers.Women in each menstrual cycle, blood clots should be sustained through their examination by a gynecologist. In addition, these blood clots in the blood flow does not occur as normal as heavy blood clots do. These blood clots light or heavy presence independent of blood flow.

If a person feel that they have experienced a lot of blood clots with the unbearable pain, fertility problems, irregular menstruation, they should consult a gynecologist. Doctors will monitor the duration and blood flow. Treatment includes hormone replacement therapy, hormonal fluctuations in the case of the blood clots. In severe conditions, the doctor may prescribe blood-thinning drugs. Endometriosis may require surgery.


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