Apricot Seeds Kill Cancer Cells

By | June 5, 2011

As the saying goes, “start with the mouth,” shows the importance of healthy eating habits. In recent years, people’s living standards improve, but health has never been the same, not only hypertension, diabetes and other diseases of affluence more, the overall incidence of cancer is also rising. World Cancer Research Fund released a report in 12 types of cancer, 39% of cases can be achieved through improved diet and other means of prevention. So as long as healthy eating habits, will be able to Cancer “shut out.”


apricot seeds prvents cancer

apricot seeds

Not long ago, the American Cancer Institute announced a new anti-cancer diet, that is, eat low-fat, natural, high fiber foods. Prime less is more low-fat meat. Variety of food per day should be diversified, with meat and vegetables, regular exchange can ensure adequate nutrition, while avoiding excess heat, especially the control of animal fat intake, avoid obesity, and obesity is a predisposing factor for cancer . Proposed meal, vegetarian accounted for at least 2 / 3, and animal protein preferably not more than 1 / 3. Natural is to eat more fruits and vegetables and fewer processed cooked food. Shanghai Huadong Hospital, director of nutrition nutritionist Chen Xiafei that recent study found that there are some plants, vegetables, chemicals, carcinogens and tumor promoters can play a certain inhibitory factors to better prevent cancer. And eat sausages, processed meat like bacon, can help reduce the incidence of colorectal cancer and gastric cancer rates.

High-fiber foods are also good anti-cancer function, corn, soybeans, buckwheat and nuts are a good choice, especially almonds. Hunza region of Pakistan is the world famous longevity villages, almost no one Hunza cancer. According to the research that this may be to eat lots of almonds and almond oil related. Coincidentally, in the South Pacific island of Fiji, the country more than 100 million people are rarely found in cancer patients, life expectancy is very long, known as the “longevity kingdom.” According to the survey, which is apricot production in Fiji, people like to eat apricots have a great relationship. According to research materials, the almonds have to kill cancer cells and inhibit the proliferation of features, play a major role in the amygdalin in almonds. Amygdalin from glucose, benzaldehyde, hydrocyanic acid and other ingredients, including hydrocyanic acid is a natural anti-cancer active substance in the treatment dose is not harmful to normal cells. Benzaldehyde has a strong anti-tumor activity, can ease pain in cancer patients. In addition, there are almonds rich in protein, vitamins and mineral elements, etc., especially vitamin E content of lead in the nuts. Vitamin E not only helps to enhance the body resistance, but also prevent cancer. One for 29,000 Finnish male smokers, the study found that the blood contains high levels of vitamin E, the incidence of lung cancer is reduced 19% -23%.Wuhan massage almond’s capabilities are far inferior to anti-cancer almonds, research shows that a bottle of 250 ml equivalent to 50 almonds, almond milk nutritional content, especially for the elderly. Winter cup of hot almond milk can keep warm warm stomach.

Final recommendations, usually also scientific exercise, regular life, drink green tea, more than the sun, have some of the anti-cancer Help


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