Want to carry a healthy baby to be away from 7 major adverse

By | June 5, 2011

A, to avoid physical exertion

Wedding, travel, long hard work, so tired of pregnancy had no benefit. Because life without the law, feeling nervous, too frequent sex life, etc., will affect the quality of sperm and eggs.

In addition, premature birth, abortion and mole removal should be training for at least six months before pregnancy. Women in preterm labor, the flow of postpartum endometrial trauma, pregnancy immediately easy to re-formation of habitual abortion, miscarriage, abortion or premature birth for the first time after so at least for six months to conceive again, so that the womb environment to a fully restore process.

healthy pregnancy

B, to avoid bad feelings

Do not depressed when pregnant. Once they are in the mental state of anxiety and depression, will affect the quality of sperm or eggs. Female after conception due to poor maternal emotional stimuli affect hormone secretion, fetal anxiety, restlessness, affecting fetal growth and development of the baby and even cause miscarriage. So when the mood is not happy, it is best to avoid being pregnant.

According to the modern theory of psychology and the human body clock, when the human spirit, energy, physical, mental, sexual function, are in peak time, the quality of sperm and eggs will be a corresponding increase in not only easy-to-implantation pregnancy, but also conducive to eugenics . So in preparation for pregnancy, the husband and wife should maintain good mental state.

C, to avoid certain drugs

Some women because of physical reasons, the long-term use of certain drugs. You know, some drugs such as hormones, antiemetic drugs, sleeping pills, will have an impact on the reproductive cells. Since the early egg length from eggs to mature eggs take about 14 days time, and eggs are most vulnerable during this period the influence of drugs, many drugs that the chromosomes in germ cells or gene mutation, leading to fetal malformation. Therefore, couples, such as long-term medication of any party, do not rush to pregnancy. Consult their own situation must be based on medical guidance, and then determine the time of pregnancy, at least 20 days after treatment, as many as half a year.


D, avoiding cigarettes and alcohol

Alcohol and cigarettes cause of female infertility is caused by one of the egg will have adverse effects. If the husband to smoke, even if the wife does not smoke, passive smoking can also indirectly. Both husband and wife as long-term exposure tobacco and alcohol, even in the conception stage of exposure to tobacco and alcohol are often the case, often after the baby is born underweight, stunting, mental retardation. Therefore, smoking women, if you want to pregnant, be sure to quitting smoking before pregnancy.

E, to avoid the X-ray

Medical X-irradiation of the human body can be anti-germ cells, therefore, to avoid the impact of the next generation X-, pre-pregnancy 3 months should avoid X-ray fluoroscopy (especially abdominal perspective), or radionuclide scan.

F, to avoid drugs

Drugs on the fetus has obvious teratogenic effect, the baby can cause mental retardation, but also may lead to miscarriage, premature birth. The most serious is the baby after birth, there will be the same symptoms and drug addicts. So drug addicts before without success, temporarily not pregnant.

G, to avoid unnecessary PARTY

In order to nurture a healthy baby, in addition to participating PARTY, the best little to the party. PARTY many people because the air is not fresh, susceptible to respiratory diseases.

Love Tip

A long-term use of female contraceptives should be discontinued six months later pregnancy; placed IUD of women, should take the normal menstrual ring 3 times then after conception.

2 before pregnancy, the couple should be a thorough pre-pregnancy check

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