How to impress the opposite sex

By | June 7, 2011

If you want to get a woman’s good will and heart, please do not laugh too brilliant! Recently, published in the United States, “Fox News” a study that will help close to smile, though, but in gender relations, its role is more complex than people think.

men and women love

University of British Columbia, Canada Gender emotional scientist Jessica Tracy led the study. They observed and recorded both men and women smile when they meet, and allow them to write a good impression of the opposite sex. It was found that for women, most of them on the look of a man not interested in sunny, on the contrary, they are more willing to invest in the eyes of those who favored stern, deep, and even some proud heterosexual. For men, a woman who kept smiling even more sexy and attractive.

The researchers analyzed the reason why men love to laugh not appeal, perhaps because they seemed to be somewhat feminine, not masculine; In addition, women still feel that the purpose of man smiles too, has to please the horse. “Now a woman greatly welcome actor, most of the face or deep depression, which can stimulate a woman’s curiosity and maternal psychological.” Jessica Tracy said.

Therefore, in order to obtain the goodwill of the opposite sex, men are not always the best smile, the woman will have to maintain a lady-like smile. ▲

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