Orgasm is Wonderful Way to Kill the Cold Virus

By | June 9, 2011

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Kill Virus

It was found by a group of scientists, sex life both men and women would not only have a positive impact various body systems, but also enhance the immune system, can help the body away from the annoyance of various diseases.
This was mainly due to white blood cells and other phagocytic cells play a role. Sexual life, once the phagocytic cells found in a different body, it will penetrate, and self “off” so that the number of cells increased rapidly. Especially Orgasm Later, their number increased to nearly twice normal. The new increase is very active phagocytic cells, can more quickly find and destroy harmful bacteria on human health.
Still, some experts pointed out that this method only applies to early cold. If you have serious flu symptoms such as fever, severe coughing, headache, muscle pain, you should get more rest, try to avoid sex.

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