Why is a man addicted to adult websites?

By | June 9, 2011

Sex addiction disease Who is susceptible to poisoning symptoms  sex? “Sex poisoning” first appeared in the  United States. Susanna Cornell University  professor said the performances of sex  poisoning symptoms are: around looking for  sexual partners, masturbation, obsessed  with pornography, phone sex play.
According to the U.S., “Protection of  Children and Family Alliance,” published data, the following types of people are considered to have “sex poisoning disease.”
Staff travels frequently. Every time I am sworn not to see the hotel before, they are charged in sex shows, but ultimately did not hold the nature of mind.
Read romance novels have given rise to Sexual Fantasies Housewife. The novel’s romantic plot with action, “transplanted” to real life.
Workers indulge in adult sites. Although the Internet is always, regret it after dark, determined, but the “last” can never be honored.

Porn sites of men into three categories – 70% of men belonging to the first category, they are just “entertainment”, “leisure”, as the eye scans lingerie ads or read “Playboy” magazine — the curious heart driven, be tempted to go in, but not deliberately seeking.
The second category accounts for about 20%, they had just set foot in the trap, if a Japanese porn site is gone, they will stop doing, lost and found.
The third category accounts for about 10% of porn sites on the day; they became compulsory but they carry on. Pornographic sites on his life are like a drug, addictive obsession with him, described as “pornographic poisoning.”
If you, he got “sex poisoning disease”, only tells Doctor help it!
In fact, the adult film is not Love Mentor. Although it is fun to open the door to the couple holes, but the adult film is greatly exaggerated Sex life The proportion of normal life, distorting the relationship between men and women, it seems that the meaning of life lies in the climax. Especially the part of adult films, but also provides some shocking sexual stimulation, chronological provocation of social ethics.
Those who try to learn from the porn film was Knowledge The husband and wife, should think about: After you read martial arts films, will also like martial arts movies, as brave, jump floors it? Obviously not, because you know that all movies are playing the “DreamWorks” brand made in which the subject of ridicule are all dictated by writer, just as Bo you surprised smile. Adult versa. During the climax is the director, star of “hard work” results, which exceeded the limits of human strength can not easily good show, of course the bedroom in your home staged.
Erotic adult film that infinite, in fact, better to say “unlimited special effects”:
Adult film actor often be exaggerated sexual organs, making some men are not confident of their own. In fact, most whites and Asians is not very different sex organs, and adult film actor chosen is often rare.
Adult film actor is “marathon” athlete, which thanks to the editors. Men can persist as long as three minutes later ejaculation, completely normal adult film Do not imitate the way men and women of novel Sex, And do not have sex in a constantly changing position. Strange sex position can only bring fresh, not necessarily comfortable. Moreover, women Orgasm Requires continuous stimulation, having sex in a variety of body position change, women will ignite the excitement just down cold, but also need to re-stimulation.
Expert Tip: Preventing Sexual poisoning symptoms the most important thing is to stay away from porn sites and pornography.


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