Lung cancer patients should eat

By | October 15, 2011

Lung cancer patients will be more things to eat, first of all lung cancer patients is to eat what the protein is followed by calcium of vitamin B vitamin C also recommend the use of iron Nutrilite protein powder, calcium and magnesium vitamin B vitamin C tablets and iron folic acid tablets to explain why the protein composition of each organ of the body so essential to the basic unit of vitamin B group can effectively display their full role of the protein chip is the best calcium and magnesium and vitamin C can lead agents to help live a good anti-lung quality of the iron folic acid tablets can be very good the last blood protein + VB + VC + Ca = white blood cell lung cancer diet lung cancer care is a very common form of cancer, cancer mortality in China ranked second. General symptoms of lung cancer is not significant, early may have cough, shortness of breath, bloody sputum and other symptoms of inflammation like tuberculosis, terminally ill patients may have fever, weight loss, fatigue, or even appearing cachexia.
Lung cancer patients to eat? As early as the mid-lung cancer patients, their digestive system is sound, in the clinical diagnosis, they should seize the time to add nutrients to the body in order to progress in physical fitness, enhanced ability to resist, prevent or delay the boom cachexia. If the clinical treatment before the more nutrients to be fully adequate, patients in better condition the body with chemotherapy and radiation tolerance stronger, better treatment red; the same body in better condition than patients with poor nutritional status of patients more Surgical treatment of love and can pick a faster recovery. Therefore, patients with lung cancer early and mid promised in digestion and absorption capacity may be added as soon as possible under the premise of a variety of nutrients, such as high-quality protein, carbohydrates, fats, salts and vitamins.
For lung cancer patients cough, hemoptysis, country medicine has many Yin lungs and cough to stop bleeding, the convergence of the prescription and the food side,
For example,
What to eat with lung cancer (1) should eat with enhanced immune, anti-cancer effects of foods such as barley, sweet almond, turbot, oysters, jellyfish, fish, turtles, crabs, horseshoe crabs, clams, sea cucumbers, Fuling, yam, big jujube, black snake, green beans, mushrooms, walnuts, Tuan Yu.
What to eat with lung cancer (2) cough Yichi ginkgo, radish, mustard, almonds, orange peel, loquat, olive, orange cake, jellyfish, water chestnuts, kelp, seaweed, wax gourd, sponge gourd, sesame seeds, figs, pine nuts, Walnut, mussels, Mangosteen, peach, orange, grapefruit and so on.
What to eat with lung cancer (3) fever Yichi cucumber, wax gourd, bitter gourd, lettuce, eggplant, seaweed, lily, amaranth, shepherd's purse, water spinach, agar, purslane, plum, watermelon, pineapple, pear, persimmon, orange , lemon, olives, Fructus Mori Albae, water chestnuts, duck, herring.
What to eat with lung cancer (4) hemoptysis Yichi Ome, lotus root, sugar cane, pears, cotton, jellyfish, sea cucumber, lotus seeds, Ling, kelp, mustard grains, beans, tofu, shepherd's purse, eggplant, milk, carp, turtle, grass carp, squid, fish, Tuan Yu, oysters, mussels.
(5) lung cancer patient can eat gecko, turtle shell extract, turtle meat, rice, etc. Yin and nourishing food.
(6) Yichi reduce radiotherapy, chemotherapy side-effects of food: goose blood, mushrooms, shark, longan, eels, walnuts, Tuan Yu, tortoise, kiwi, Brasenia, day lily flowers, dates, sunflower seeds, apples, carp, green beans, soybean, bean, shrimp, crab, silver beans, loach, Cat Fish, grass carp, salmon, green tea, snail.,
Compared with gastrointestinal cancer, lung cancer patient's diet should be a better solution. In addition to these nutritious foods in Chinese medicine, the lung cancer patients should use milk, eggs, lean meat, animal liver, soy products, fresh vegetables, fruit and so on. Can maximize the patient's food intake and eating frequency. To note: Lung cancer patients should fishy greasy food taboos, taboos spicy and tobacco, alcohol and other irritating foods.
Second, the lung cancer treatment diet
(1) better nutrition: lung cancer patients without swallowing difficulties, lung cancer should be the freedom to choose what to eat food, does not affect the treatment in the case, to eat some protein, carbohydrate rich foods such as lean meat, chicken, duck , rabbits, fish, shrimp, soy products and a variety of grains, generally do not limit food intake to ensure good nutrition for the surgery to create a good premise.
If the nutritional status of poor, hard to withstand the trauma of surgery, postoperative healing slow, vulnerable, extremely detrimental to the surgical rehabilitation. This requires improving dietary quality preoperative.
(2) supply of food elements: half of lung cancer patients before surgery, in addition to three meals a day, but also add elements of diet aids. Elements of the human body must contain a variety of dietary nutrients, because nutrients are complete to meet the needs of the body without digestion can be absorbed in the upper small intestine may be oral or tube feeding it. Elements can be added to the protein diet nutrition, enough heat in the supply, the lung cancer patients what to eat to promote muscle protein synthesis, in the heat supply is insufficient, branched-chain amino acids can also provide more heat.
Elements of many different types of diet, oral or tube feeding. Application, starting from low concentrations, generally 5% of the concentration gradually increased, in the absence of diarrhea, vomiting, can be gradually added to 10% to 20%, if oral administration should be aware that drinking, drinking speed through the faster, the because the elements of diet is high exudate, easy to produce diarrhea and vomiting. Appropriate to pay attention to the temperature, to prevent diarrhea caused by too cold. If the daily dose of 100 grams of elements of diet, can increase the heat of 400 kcal, 16 grams of protein. While increasing the body's immune system, able to tolerate surgery.
(3) diet after deployment: the condition of patients after surgery to determine the diet, some patients can eat in the surgery the next day, but start from a clean, food to be bland, soft, easy to digest absorption mainly due to surgical trauma may dysfunction caused by the digestive system, so food choices and nutritional supplements, do not be so anxious. Starting from the most simple, if no adverse gastrointestinal reactions, and then to semi-liquid food, common food. The week after the operation, in addition to eating clean, semi-flow, but also added elements of diet, supplements the body's nutrition. To be able to eat normally, and then cancel the factor diet. Both before and after surgery, should eat more fresh vegetables and fruit, such as green, yellow and red vegetables, mushrooms, black fungus, asparagus, lemon, dates and so on, because rich in fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C, is a tumor suppressor substance, can blocking cancer cell's natural.
Taboo food or eating spicy food, including fried food. Can often eat garlic, garlic contains anti-cancer substances. Or smoking and not drinking. Subsistence to develop good habits and eating habits, schedule physical examination, prompt diagnosis and treatment can extend life forever.
Third, the therapeutic side of lung cancer
(1) honey lungs and cough pills: Lu hive, silkworm of equal parts, honey appropriate. The 3 herb into powder, refined honey for the pills. 2 times daily, each time 6 grams. Effectiveness of lungs and phlegm, Sanjie swelling. Significant for lung cancer are cough combined.
(2) burn lung licorice Sydney: licorice 10 g, Sydney 2, lung about 250 grams. Peel pears cut into pieces, wash, and cut lung slices, squeeze the bubble, and put the casserole with licorice. Add a little rock sugar, a small amount of water in 3 hours after taking Huoao. 1 times daily, with the lungs Chutan role
of the type used by coughing.
(3) almond paste candy: sweet almond 15 grams, bitter almonds, 3 grams, 50 grams of rice, crystal sugar. The sweet almond and bitter almond of the net water till soft, peeled, smashed add rice, water and sugar boiled thick porridge, every other day. With lungs and expectorant, cough and asthma, intestines and other effects.
(4) ginkgo porridge date: ginkgo 25 grams, jujube 20, glutinous rice, 50 grams. The ginkgo, red dates, glutinous rice porridge Serve together. Morning and evening empty stomach warm clothes, a detoxification swelling and so on. <BR> (5) Stewed bird's nest Angelica: Angelica 9 grams, bird's nest 9 grams of crystal sugar. To Angelica, bird's nest ranch extremely bad, filters to Java. Amount of seasoning and then add rock sugar Serve stew a while, 1 or 2 times daily. With Bufei Yin, cough hemostasis.
(6) steamed duck Ginkgo: Ginkgo 200 grams, Baiya 1. Ginkgo peeled, boiled cooked, peeled, core, and then mixed with boiled killed after a good boneless duck meat. Add broth, steamed duck Shulan 2 hours after eating. Can often eaten with a tonic asthma, benefits of water back swollen. Appropriate in advanced lung cancer breath, weakness, general weakness, phlegm were.
What to eat with lung cancer, lung cancer patients and their families must be good to do it.

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